Bargaining with big sellers

Started by SEOTechniques, Jul 11, 2022, 10:32 AM

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Does it make sense to haggle when buying a domain from a very large seller?
In particular, when the minimum price is indicated in the parking, and I want to offer an order of magnitude less.
Does it make sense to write them at all?


Big sellers have thousands of domains.
And the prices for them were set at the time of entry into the parking, and since then it is unlikely that anyone has dealt with them after the entry.
They could be brought in during the next boom, and it is quite possible that in today's market conditions their price is simply inadequate.


It seems to me that the seller already indicates the minimum price for the domain, then there is no point in bargaining, since he will not lower the price below. On the other hand, if the system allows bargaining, then you can offer your price. In extreme cases, it will simply be rejected and you can buy a domain already at the price that is available if you really need it.

Edwin Dunce

If we are talking about buying only one domain, and even an order of magnitude lower than the minimum allowable in the parking lot, then it's not even worth starting a correspondence. However, if you have an eye on buying several, especially if you are in the business of reselling domain names, then it is worth writing to the seller, even if it is a giant. There is another important detail - the place of purchase. Often, sites for buying / selling domains set a commission of 5%, but there are areas where the commission is 15%, so sellers overcharge. You should find out how much the marketplace charges for services.


Here the principle of the major domain players is simple, it is better to sell one domain name for 1 million bucks then ten domains for $100K. for this, I personally do not see much point in writing to them with a bid offer, but it often happens that they do not specify the price, but put minimum offers from 1000 euros for seed and waste their time in vain.