Can registrar raise the fee for domain renewal, if I have already invested mone

Started by islamicvashikaran, Jul 04, 2022, 12:01 AM

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If I buy a domain name for a year and invest in its promotion, can registrar increase the fee after a year?

On the sites that I looked at, domain names usually offer to register for 1 year. Will I have any special rights to the purchased domain name when the original purchase expires?

I want to understand the extent to which I "own" a domain name. If I buy it now for $5 a year, and conditionally invest $10 000 in promotion, can the registrar say next year that now I have to pay $1000 a year for it, because even without me there are a lot of people who want to buy or use the domain I promoted?

The question is because domain names are offered online, where the owner is only required to enter an email.


The domain name is not bought, but rented with the tenant's priority right to renew (i.e. you have registered a domain and you have the priority right to renew it, the main thing is not to miss the deadline).

If this is not a private zone, but Standard com, net; Country domains: RU, US, GB, etc. then there is no need to be afraid.
If the Registrar says that they are raising the price dramatically, you will simply transfer your domain to another registrar (with an adequate price).

If we are talking about the national Zone FR, US, etc. it is important to take into account local legislation, i.e. there is a possibility that your domain can be revoked if the domain = the name of someone else's company, trademark, etc.
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If the relationship between the registrar and the client is not written on paper and has no legal force, it will 100% end in a scam.
The human toad has no boundaries, when a site on a rented domain (that applies to commercial topics) begins to gain weight, go to the Top, etc., as a rule, the registrar thinks, "Wow, what a good domain and website I have, it is necessary to rent more expensive." And the fact that this website and domain name were developed by a client who, in addition to renting, invested a lot of money and time there (for content, link mass, optimization, etc.) for some reason, no one thinks about it.

The mechanism "This is MY domain and it should be expensive" is triggered, and then either an unrealistic amount is requested for rent, or the website is simply stupidly resold to another person. There is one conclusion - you are doing business, have your own site, and creating a selling resource for "someone else's uncle" is, sorry, a sucker. I know it the hard way.

Gareth Allford

It's sad, but we don't buy, we rent a domain name. You have already noticed that a certain price only applies to one or three or five years, then the price increases by 25 or 50% (this is a common practice). At the legislative level (I will not give the source, because everything depends on the registrar) it is stated that the price cannot exceed 135% of the transaction amount.

If the contract of the offer says that the amount of the renewal of the contract may exceed this amount and you signed it (few people read the contracts), then of course you can expect the domain name to grow significantly. From scratch, the price cannot rise in a year. Read the contract.