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Started by vinodkumar, Jul 15, 2022, 11:12 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

Hi. Today I faced such a situation.
I have several domain names registered. Some of them were in "free floating": without reference to the site files, but with the registered NS of the hosting provider.

Today I needed email from one of the domains. And I was surprised when the hosting company refused me to register a domain name with them in the company with the answer: "Sorry, the domain name is used on another account"

 I was surprised. But I was even more surprised when I found out where the redirect from my domain leads to a phishing site.

After a short correspondence, the name was returned (now a normal stub page). But where to find justice and the answer to the age-old questions: Who is to blame? What to do?


Did you yourself delegate the domain with the DNS servers? If so, the question of who is to blame is rhetorical.

Delegate domains with DNS servers that you can manage. It is not even necessary to create DNS records for them.


Unfortunately, we often have to observe when they "start" a site (usually on a new domain name), quickly become disillusioned with it (in its first "iteration") and stop paying for web hosting, "forgetting" about the domain.
The abandonment of "long-term" websites is also common, but there is already a more responsible attitude to the use of the domain name (often even prolong domain registration and cancel its delegation).

For those who still want to "save face" an unused domain name, you can park it, for instance, place a page with a logo and a link to a page in the social network on it, as I did on my domain.