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Started by Viktosha, Jul 03, 2022, 06:29 AM

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Tell me, please, I have two questions.

1) How many domains can be registered per person?

2) If I need to purchase a certain domain in the .com zone for commercial purposes, is it worth buying it in other zones, like .net?


1. Unlimited per person.

2. There is opinion that, "no one force you to register a domain in all domain zones of the world - this is impractical and will cost a pretty penny every year, but it's still worth taking care of the main ones like .com, .org, .net, .info and .biz. "
I do not agree. Register in .COM and if your project will grow up, then you can register it in few zones aditional.


1. I once registered more than 20 domains in my name, and there were no problems. It is unlikely that registrars make any restrictions.

2. If you need a domain in the .com zone, you can buy it. The .net domain zone is also great for commercial sites. There are no fundamental differences between domains in these two zones. Here is only your choice.
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One company or person can buy as many unique domains as they want — there are no restrictions. You can buy a domain name for yourself, your company, each of its products, for a big presentation or as a birthday gift. As long as the domain name has a unique name, it will be sold to you.
Domain registration in different domain zones may involve both the creation of several entry points to the same web site, and the creation of several sites with similar or identical content. In the language of search engine optimization, web sites with the same content but different domain addresses are called mirrors.

When there are several sites, in order to avoid competition between web sites and reduce their performance due to duplicate content, 301 redirects (redirection) are used. To do this, one main site is selected among the mirror web sites (the most popular among users or with a neutral domain name zone), users of other mirror sites will be redirected to it. Only it will be displayed in the search results, and, most importantly, the link profiles and indicators of the mirror sites will be summed up and assigned to the main web  site.
This allows you to quickly bring web site to the top and solve other business problems.