Domains that are not worth showing?

Started by mishraviplav7877, Oct 18, 2022, 03:18 AM

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mishraviplav7877Topic starter

Hello, dear experienced forum members.
Recently I saw a discussion of one domain name on the forum.
And I saw there such a similar answer, "It's better not to show such domain."
What 's the trick ? Can you tell me which domain names are better not to display?

And that is, domain names that I would really like to consult about. And after this inscription something is afraid?


If your domain name:
- matches the trademark
- just registered
- put up for evaluation with the question "how much can I sell for" and even the owner of the TM is indicated,

then such a domain name will be easily wrung out by the court, especially if it is proved that the domain owner started the topic with the assessment.
Which, by the way, implies the importance of anonymity on this forum. I do not understand why the forum administration does not maintain a policy of supporting such anonymity.
Forum regulars often openly call each other by names other than nicknames, and this is considered the norm here, not a setup. At the same time, I have learned from my own experience that if you send a letter to the administration with a request to delete a comment, where not only your name is revealed, but also your surname, an unsubscribe followed in response, saying read the rules of the site, comments are not deleted.
Since then, I realized that serious domain names cannot be shone here. In fact, it is impossible to do anything. For it proves the fact that "the domain owner is engaged in the resale of domains on a regular basis."