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Started by HarshMehra, Jul 15, 2022, 05:33 AM

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I have always bought domains only for myself. I never thought about reselling.

The essence of the matter. There is a name of 2 words and domain options, respectively, with a dash and together.
A domain owner without a dash asks for almost 2 times more than with a dash. Although writing without a dash does not look very good, and I would put a redirect on a domain with a dash. But I want to have 2 versions of writing in my arsenal.

Question. Is it possible to reasonably bring down the price of a domain without a dash if I purchase a domain with a dash? And in general, as experienced colleagues, what would you advise?


A domain with a dash is only better if the word comes with a dash in the dictionary.
In all other cases, you need to create projects on a non-tiresh domain.

At the same time, it is advisable to buy a domain with a dash anyway, and this must be done even before the launch of the project, because after the launch the cost of the "dash double" will grow along with the growth of the project.
If the price of the title is clearly too high, then I'll fire the topic: write the owner every six months a letter from different emails like: we are considering your domain, but our company's budget is limited to $ 10,000 .... then jump off and write that they bought another one.
With such chain letters, the owner of the dash will become completely inadequate and will never sell the domain to your competitor. Which is what is required.


For search engines, it makes no difference, for people it is desirable that no more than one hyphen. generally, you need to think about what kind of project you are doing and for whom.
So, for a computerized audience, any characters do not matter, most likely people in this category will at least save the file to favorites.
And indeed, there are such domain names and they are promoted.

Another thing is the industry remote from IT. Still, it's better to make a site about cake recipes, wallpaper gluing, fishing without a dash.
It is also enough to make sure of that by searching for sites on everyday topics in the .com domain zone. You will see that there are domains already coming from 3-4 words, there are no dashes in most cases.

You also need to think about whether you are making a branded resource or not. In a branded SHORT dash is acceptable, and sometimes even welcome. In the ordinary case, it is less desirable.
In the extreme case, in the future, if necessary, you can buy another domain and glue it together.