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Started by anya_catherine, Jul 26, 2022, 03:25 AM

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anya_catherineTopic starter

Newbie question: Does anybody have an experience in finding dropped domains ans selling it? How and where it can be done? And how much can be the profit from such deals?


This is a fairly complex and well-established business. In order to make money on abandoned domains, you need to have more than one thousand of them. As a rule, registrars auction such names themselves. But as I understand it, you mean the earnings of a cybersquatter. Then you need to constantly monitor names that are interesting from your point of view on services like Expired Domens and the like.
In general, in addition to significant investments, it is also necessary to understand which of the freed domains may be of interest to the buyer. It's like playing on the stock exchange - big money + big knowledge, and of course luck. 8)

Mark Walker

The most difficult thing you will encounter when making money on abandoned domains is search. I personally use third party database services like expireddomains.net or dropdamains. These are far from the best options (you can also earn money on them, but many times less than the search for hidden options).

The second important point is the availability of the domain - that is, the former owner may have abandoned the domain, but someone could open a new one. There are also special services for this.

And the last - for those who are looking not so much for a unique name as for thickness (authority). To do this, find out its indicator in Google search, by manually working with backlinks (who referred to it) or using special services, such as ahrefs.com.
Everything is very individual, but I will say that making money on searching, filtering and promoting abandoned domains is often not worth your efforts - you will spend a lot of time, and you will hardly see a way out.

Zhoshua Adrian

Finding Dropped domain names is not so difficult, but finding a specific name that is no longer used is difficult. Works best with WHOIS lookups. You can enter the desired name and find out if it has an owner. If you need a ready-made list, then you can look at Stuck Domains, Valuedrops, FreshDrop or the famous DomCop. Can you make money on this? Of course! How? Depends on the name. The main thing before "awakening" is to analyze the name for payback.


Ways to find drops:
We have figured out what a dropped domain name can be useful for. But how to find it? There are several basic search methods, let's analyze them.

1. Search through the services
There are many services in which a huge number of abandoned domains have already been collected, or domains whose registration period is ending, and they will soon be released. Let's look at the most famous.

Here you can find drops in all popular domain zones. There is a convenient filter for a variety of parameters.

Most often, the string Domain Name Contains is used for searching here (translated: the domain contains). We can use it to find thematic domains.
For instance, we need a drop for a recipe website: we drive in recipe, food, or delusion and see what they offer us. To search for a high-quality domain, we set:

Backlinks from 10
Age from 5 years
Citation flow and Trust flow from 10
It is worth saying that in some cases CF (citation stream) and TF (trust stream) display incorrect data, so we do not pay much attention to them, we look at domains where there is at least some number of backlinks, we make a list and then analyze them separately using the Ahrefs and Majestic services, I will tell you exactly how to analyze below.

Similar functionality, has a convenient menu when you click on a domain name, in which you can immediately see the number of pages in the
Google index, go to the Web Archive, view links in the Linkpad and Megaindex services.

Anthony Brooks

It may not be difficult to find dropped domains, but most of them are
uncompetitive junk (respectively, it is difficult to resell them). As for the
search, there are several options - the well-known WHOIS (by search parameters),
through the forums of marketers for reselling sites (there are specialized
forums), as well as through funnel forums where do-nothing lovers (I don't know
what else to call them) themselves search for such sites and put them on open
source sites, such as search for droppeddomain.com.

The problem in the operation of these domains is banal - 90% of their owners
abandoned them, because domains with such names are hard to promote and their
names do not say anything, for example, the domain x7ferkop.com
You can make money on such domains, but you need to rely on the time factor and
a potential client. I will not reveal all the "cards", I think you yourself
understand how you can use this for sale.