Estibot ? vs Godaddy

Started by anri, Jun 25, 2022, 03:30 AM

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Hello guys ,
i tried a bunch of names on estibot , but i never have an estimation over 100 $ . its normal ? or i must have a premium subscribe ? i type the estibot .com and i have a trademark blabla red message .
what do you think vs godaddy and freevaluator ?


Automated appraisals have other benefits (comparable name sales, visits, etc) but don't rely on them too much...they should be a small part of your valuation process.
Also add nameworth when checking the valuation bots.
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Emily Evans

If you don't really need a domain name, and you want to take the risk of picking it up manually, before doing this, check if it is in the NameJet, SnapNames auctions, and if it is in the DropCatch database. If the answer to all three questions is no, you have a pretty good chance.

If the domain name is only in DropCatch, which happens often, put a backorder on them. Otherwise, they will capture it and it will go to HugeDomains, a partner of DropCatch, where it will be heavily priced: domains with an approximate cost of $80 according to EstiBot are sold there for at least $3,000.

In DropCatch, an application can be submitted at any time before the end - the rates are hidden. If the domain is in a public auction, for instance, in NameJet it is called Last Chance, in SnapNames - Expired, it is advisable to place a bid 15 minutes before the end.

My advice is not to use the DropCatch discount club and apply for the full price: according to reviews from the popular forum, many people have this situation: DropCatch catches the domain name, but sends it not to the person who sent the application, but to HugeDomains.

If the domain is available in all three services, apply for a backorder in them. The more applications in different services, the more likely it is to successfully catch a domain name.

One of the great tools for making money by selling domains is StuckDomains. This service searches for those domains whose expiration date has expired due to the fact that their owners stopped paying funds, or do not want to use them.
Similar functions are performed by Ebay, Godaddy, etc.
And the service will give you an additional opportunity to be constantly aware of new expired domain names.