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Started by RafaelJames, Oct 05, 2022, 12:05 AM

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Somebody asked many years ago if it was possible to do dominating full-time, for example.
Selling enough domain names every year for a full-fledged career (not necessarily sales, parking, or development). We all see domain name sales in the headlines, but what about a seller selling each domain for $2,000 or less? Let's say you need a large portfolio, and the sales ratio is 1%, for instance. People also say that you can sell 1% of your portfolio in a year. Like most people, I like to spend all my time buying and selling domains, so I decided to do math .

I'm in Germany, so it's in EU, but I'm sure you can all do it in your own currency....
I would like to earn $3,000 a month ($36,000 a year) to live a modest life that covers my bills, but nothing special.

The fee for registering my domain is $13.20.
I am not considering renewing or transferring sold domain names. These calculations are as if I really bought all the domains in 1 year and sold 2% of them.

If I have a portfolio of 150 domains, their registration will cost me $ 2K. Add the $36k I want to earn in a year and I need to earn $38,420. If I sold only 2% of my portfolio (i.e. 1 domain), I would sell it for $38,420.
None of my domains are top-notch, and each one isn't worth $1,000, let alone $25k each. So let's see if I can sell them for $1,000.

So, as a hobby, it works. Currently, my domain names cost about 1400 dollars. Whether they sell at that price is a completely different question, because I honestly don't think they're worth it.
 I have tried several different prices, some high, some low, but now they are all more expensive than $1400!! I started selling them in April and haven't sold any yet, but not all of them were originally bought at the resale price. I give myself a whole 12 months to see if this will happen to me at a sales level of 2%.
I am glad to hear your thoughts, and I would be interested to know if you are doing any calculations.


Buying domains with and without websites can be done for various reasons, but in general, two main motives for buying can be distinguished: buying for the sake of traffic from search engines, in this case, a domain name with a site is bought, while carefully checking how well and competently this site is optimized, due to which it is advanced in search, is it necessary to redo it somehow, whether the content is of high quality, and also whether the price and quality converge, the sale of only domain names may be due to the fact that the domain name is not needed by the owner, but it is very well suited for the site, also, in some cases, names with popular common words are registered specifically in order to be sold later.
In this case, we are talking about domaining or cybersquatting.

The cybersquatting market is expanding: domain resale in 2022 is an actual trend. The direction is actively developing, so specialists earn good money on domaining. It is recommended to sell domains in the ".com" and ".io" zones.
Domain name monitoring and analysis will take time. Earnings and the first large incomes depend on the user. The case confirms that it is really possible to earn 22,000 in a few hours of work.


Domaining is the same domain registration, but domain names do not affect proper names and brand names. Domainers buy only domains with common words and phrases. For example: flower.com , animals.com etc.

They do not exploit trademark names, so they do not claim a "tidbit" from someone else. They specifically collect domains with beautiful and concise names, and then also sell them to third parties, put them on electronic showcases. They help the business to get the domain of interest on a convenient platform.