How could I protect myself from domain froud

Started by Asarhadon, Nov 08, 2022, 11:33 AM

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 First, I'm talking to you my grevious story for my question won't be clear besides it :-X  :-X  :-X . We made e-commerce site. I started business with two my friends. One of them were web specialist, another one had a good head in goods our web-site had sold. Me, I put articles on it.

The whole idea was mine, and I made content for my own blog. It took to me much time and efforts. One day, my friend web-developer to drive traffic from my own site to our main site to boost sells. We made 301 redirection from my domain to e-commerce site. Now we browled crually, and web-specialist secretly registrated our e-commers domain on himself. What can I do to save my content? The first site, I had built without supporters are still registered on me in my hosting accaunt!


No information that is used, stored and transmitted in plain text (including to third parties) should be used for identification. For a code word (as well as "secret" questions), easily accessible information is often used (for example, the nickname of an animal), it is available to operators and gets into the drains along with the rest of the data (unlike passwords, which are at least hashed).

It is unclear what exactly the author wants to protect himself from, what obligations and consequences the operator has after creating a code word. If I just forget it, will I be sent to the office or will it be enough to name any other open data (such as passport number)?
In short, there are more answers than questions. Together with the rest of the disputed points, as well as their number, I have great doubts about the competence of the author with regard to the issues under consideration.