How domain name affect the site's position in search results?

Started by Harish, Sep 28, 2022, 02:54 AM

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HarishTopic starter

Tell me please, does the presence of keys affect the position of website in the search results if its language matches the language of the query, or do the keys in the domain name on webserver side play no role, but are only highlighted in the output and are better remembered by people?
I am grateful in advance for your detailed answers.


a short domain name is much easier to remember and visually it is more pleasant for users to perceive, this does not apply to positions in any way, if you look at a bunch of puzata sites, then he chose domain names from the lantern to start, when indexing and a little website maintenance, it was already clear whether the site has prospects or not, again due to content...
and then he already found a more or less thematic domain name and its length or the content of the keys had no underlying factors ..
so the length and consonance of the domain name is more a myth and show-offs, like for instance beautiful numbers on a car... to stand out and no more.
I think that the keys in the domain name affect the promotion, and whether it is long or short, with hyphens or not, it doesn't matter. IMHO based on many years of observations and experiments.


Neither Google nor other search engines have officially confirmed the impact of web site name or domain zone on SEO. However, most optimizers have noticed that if there is a keyword in the name of a resource, it moves faster.
For example, directly indicates what and where the company sells. Moreover, if you specify in the name, search crawlers will perceive it as spam, apply sanctions and exclude the resource from the output.

Thus, a search query in an online address is a sign of the relevance of the information posted on the main page of the resource.
If the request is low-competitive, it will increase the chances of getting into the top 10 of the issue. To increase the influence of the domain name on the promotion of the site, it is advisable to use a query in one form or another present in the keywords and phrases by which the pages are promoted.