How long before a new domainer should start buying?

Started by bandwo, Jun 23, 2022, 07:02 AM

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How long before a new domainer should start buying?

15 days
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15 to 30 days
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30 to 45 days
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45 - 60 days
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More than 60 days
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bandwoTopic starter

How long do you think a new domainer should wait to understand the market before they start investing in domain names?


As long as it takes to really know what you are doing.
It is not enough that you think you know what you are doing.


When you are double sure you are not wasting your money. And even at that, buy only few and keep learn. If as you learn more you realize the first few names you registered were not good,l, you will take consolation in the fact that it was part of your learning.

Also as a beginner, try to always use the appraisal section whenever you register names. This will help you get the opinion of experienced domainers about what you're registering.


A domainer is a person who buys domain names for resale!
This profession is widespread in the west.

And those who work in this area prefer not to spread too much on that topic!

Overview of that market!
Where can I buy a good domain in the .com zone at a low price?
What criteria do you need to know when choosing a domain to buy?
Where can you profitably sell the domain you bought on the Western Internet?

How to transfer a domain name to a domain auction?
How to list a domain for sale in a auction?
How can I increase the limit for the sale of a domain in a auction?

Secret Tips
sale of domains in the Western Internet!
What will be required of you?

Register on two exchanges for buying and selling domain names;
Buy a domain in the .com zone
Sell a domain on a foreign website and withdraw money!