How much does the domain name zone affect the ranking of the site?

Started by Johan68, Nov 18, 2022, 09:45 AM

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Johan68Topic starter

There is a web site in French on the .FR domain. It is planned to launch an English version.
Does it make sense to move the English version on the .fr domain in the English-language Internet?
 Or is it better to run the English version on .com?


From the point of view of ranking, there is no influence due to the fact that the domain zone does not play a role in this case, but if the site is good and promoted to an English audience, in any case it is better to buy the appropriate domain zone (.com / .net) because it is more familiar to local people.
 It would be a bit wild if French search results had Vietnamese/Korean domain names in the top with a translation of the site into French.


Site traffic depends on many factors.
First of all, it is necessary to distinguish organic output, that is, the one that depends on the search engine algorithm and inorganic - advertising. With the advertising output, everything is clear - the more attachments, the more frequent the impressions, but with organic everything is somewhat more complicated. Attempts to manipulate the output are called SEO and over the past few years this area of knowledge has undergone global changes, which are dictated by changes in search engine ranking algorithms.

If earlier it was enough to purchase significant volumes of external anchor and non-anchor links, now such a promotion scheme does not work. The modern view of search engines is directed towards behavioral factors.
They evaluate how much we visit the resource, how much information on relevant pages is understandable and important to the user, how deeply and for a long time the user interacts with certain pages of the site. From this we can conclude that in most cases successful promotion, and, consequently, site traffic, depends on the optimization of the site to meet the requirements of search engines - this is a technological factor and on the behavior of users on the page and the site as a whole - a behavioral factor.

How does the correct choice of domain contribute to the improvement of the indicators of the behavioral factor?

Thematic domain in the .fr zone - The search crawler understands that this domain belongs to a particular topic and believes that you are already at the stage of the domain name showing the user where he got and why - this already significantly increases your ranking in the output.
The domain is easy to remember and the client very often accesses it directly - this tells search engines that the site is popular enough for the user to access it directly, bypassing the output, which means it is as relevant as possible to a number of targeted queries - it also increases the chances of being in the TOP 10 organic output.
The site is in the domain .fr with an SSL certificate (secure HTTPS connection) - no matter what representatives of search engines say, it has been proven by long-term practice that a site in a national domain with a number of auxiliary domains in other zones that redirect to the main site with an HTTPS connection is ranked higher than a domain without an HTTPS connection.
These are just a few basic theses that work in search engines and show results in a fairly short period of time.

Michael Walker

You have demonstrated that there are two options - move the English version to the .fr domain, or run the English version on .com. There is a third option, although it is similar to your first option - create a .com subdomain redirected to English. In practice, this will look like an extension for WordPress for an additional language + creation in a personal account at a subdomain hosting. As for traffic, it's more difficult. If there is a version of the page in both English and French, then you will not only not lose, but also gain traffic to the site, however, if you do not take care of seo for new pages, then it is better not to start fiddling with a subdomain.