How to change IP address to the site name

Started by Hemanth malli, Jul 04, 2022, 11:26 AM

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Hemanth malliTopic starter

I created my own website and I want to have instead of http://MyIPadress/
Please help me who knows!! thanks a lot in advance


Buy at hosting
1) domain name
2) server for your site

Then, hosting provider will do everything rest for you


To change the IP address of a domain, you can use two methods:
Time-consuming, but reliable.
Fast and unstable.

In the first case, to change the address of the domain, you will need to find a new hosting provider, buy and move the website. You need to understand that it will be necessary to transfer all files to a new web server. It will take a lot of time, effort, and some bugs will definitely pop up in the work of the website.

In the second case, to change the IP, you just need to order the service of an additional address. The website will start working on the new IP on the day of purchase. If you set it up, of course. And with that, you should turn to professionals or use the instructions that are almost always offered by the services where you ordered the service.

Each method is suitable for different purposes. If you need to permanently change the address, move the website to a new domain name and thereby benefit from promotion or authority, then the first option is more suitable.