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Started by gnh73, Jul 10, 2022, 01:28 AM

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I sell names on domaining sites. Despite the wildest competition, time to time bucks fall into your pocket.
But the most annoying thing is that for one of my sold names, there are about five stolen ones. Under the guise of customers, thieves register at competitions ... as a result, they "win" the names substituted by them from another account, and my names are registered by various others within a couple of days.

In December 2021, 5 titles were stolen from me this way. Now I have registered one of the names of my collection for myself and I am thinking how to sell it.
If someone will give advice, I will be grateful.


Create a name, put it in the competition, but not register yourself How is it?

Register domains for yourself and then resell. There are no other options. If the name is really good - they will buy (not customers, so others).
If they will not buy - then you overestimate yourself.

Ksenia live

I know that most often the theft of domains occurs in the .com zone, since it is a simple registration and transfer of rights to domains here. To exclude the possibility of domain theft, you can immediately make settings with your registrar so that the domain cannot be transferred automatically. Also, you should not open access to your personal data with the registrar, it is better to hide information from public viewing. Having all the documents on hand that you are the owner of the domain, you can sue the scammers and get yours back.


The most expensive domains sold all the time:
The most expensive domain name by mid -2019 was
1. sold for $90 million

The transaction, which excluded termination on the part of the buyer, was concluded in 2005 between the buyer, an online travel agency , and by seller Stephens Media,

2. sold for $49.7 million

In 2010, QuinStreet, a California-based marketing company, acquired for $49.7 million. Prior to that, QuinStreet acquired other domain names in the field of insurance: in 2009, QuinStreet acquired a domain and a web site for $16 million, and in 2010 I bought (together with other related assets) for $35.6 million.

3. sold for $35.6 million

See above - the buyer is the same, QuinStreet.

4. sold for $30.2 million

Domain name It was sold in 2012 to Nations Luxury Transportation, which provides travel services. The seller was the leading intellectual property holding company Don't Look .

5. sold for $30 million It was sold in 2019 to for their new social media platform. The domain originally belonged to MicroStrategy Incorporated, which provides business intelligence and mobile software services.

6. sold for $18 million

In 2009, QuinStreet acquired a number of domains from the WebMediaBrands news agency, including , , , , , , , and .

7. sold for $17 million

The Chinese company Qihoo 360 Technology acquired the domain in 2015 from the European telecommunications company Vodafone. The domain name redirects to its original domain name .

$30 million
On June 19, 2019, it was reported that MicroStrategy announced the sale of its domain name . The buyer was the Block company. One, which is positioned as a "social media application based on blockchain technologies". The transaction amount was $30 million. Read more here.

$15 million
Domain name changed the owner for $15 million. That is reported by the Domain Incite resource, referring to the information of the service , deposited funds to ensure the security of the transaction.
The brokers of the transaction were companies and GoDaddy. That was announced on August 4, 2022 by the Coordination Center of the National Internet Domain (CC).

Thus, we can safely talk not only about the conclusion of the largest domain name  transaction of the year, but also about the second largest transaction in the entire history of the industry (of those information about which has ever become public). Purchase surpasses the domain deal sе , sold in 2013 for $13 million, and is second only to the sale of the domain . It was acquired for $30 million in 2019.

The buyer's name is not disclosed, and his plans for the domain are also unknown. They, however, do not cause much doubt. The popularity of non-fungible tokens (non–fungible tokens, NFT) - primarily for digital art objects - is so great and allows you to earn so much money that it would be simply strange not to use the domain it is for these purposes.
By the way, and the domain name , originally purchased for a completely different project, serves for a website that allows the purchase and sale of NFT art objects.

$14.5 million
Domain sе It was sold for $14.5 million to Playboy in October 2006.

$11 million
As reported by Online Domain on December 9, 2018, Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, finally revealed the cost of acquiring a domain name in February 2016. As he wrote on his Twitter, to buy it took him "more than 10 years, $11 million and an unimaginable amount of effort." Read more here.

$10 million
Domain blogger George Kirikos reported another interesting find. This became known on August 8, 2022. He specializes in studying financial reports submitted by companies to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, often finding in these documents information about the purchase of domains that had not previously been made public. However, some time ago Kirikos announced a "strike", offended by the fact that information resources publish the results of his research without referring to himself: he said that he would stop reporting new findings by the end of the year.

However, George Kirikos broke his promise, citing the importance of the information found. After reviewing the report of the technology company Hubspot, he found out that in the second quarter of 2022, it acquired a domain name . More precisely, information about his purchase appeared in mid-April, but the amount of the transaction was not disclosed. Now Kirikos has established that the company paid $ 10 million for the domain. That makes the transaction the second largest since the beginning of the year: a few days earlier it became known that the domain changed the owner for $15 million.

On February 9, 2022, it was reported that the domain name it was sold for more than $10 million.