Hand reg is your friend, no matter what others say

Started by Koza Dereza, Jun 20, 2022, 11:58 AM

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Koza DerezaTopic starter

Dear beginners,

Everyone here was a beginner when they started investing. Not everyone starts domain investing with $5,000. Especially for people who are from developing countries, $5,000 is like 2 years of groceries. In fact, that is one of the reasons why domain investing is one of the most attractive businesses. You can start off with literally $500 or maybe $100 even.

Especially for people starting off with less than $500
Trust me, no matter what people say, it makes sense that when you are starting off, you go for hand registration and control your sales rather than sit on a number of names in your first year, waiting for the buyer to come and press the BIN button. So, I would advise you to go for hand-registration names in the beginning and control your destiny by selling them via outbound, or active reach out.

As you start making some sales, and you have a spare $1,000 apart from some cash flow, you can start getting in more liquid names - 4L .COMs, experiment with .CO, .XYZ and so on. But start with something you can sell actively!

Do let me know if you have any questions about hand registration.

Сергей Нижегородцев

This is very bad "advice" for beginners.

You are spamming the forum with non-sense questions about any topic possible because you don't know anything, and yet, you are giving beginners "advice" to hand-register names.

If you are a beginner and reading this DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS ADVICE.

There are a lot of really professional and kind domainers here sharing info daily on how to become a successful domainer. Show some respect and just read what the real PROs say.


I was interested in information about manual domain registration. The goal would be to address this issue in more detail. Namely, what is the best amount to invest in domains, is it possible to make a profit in the first months, at what level of earnings can you reach over time, and in which zones is it best to register a domain. If you have experience in this area, follow your advice with interest.


There are several approaches to domain name registration by a reseller:

Manual. Self-collection of user information, including payment, and manual domain name registration with subsequent transfer to the created user account from the registrar. Long, dreary, and quickly boring.

Semi-automatic. Here we need a control panel, where users actually register and leave their data, pay. But the registration itself has to be done manually and give the user an account. Panels with manual payment belong to the same category. In principle, not bad, less care, but still a lot of routine.

Automatic. Naturally, a panel, automatic payment, independent domain name  registration without the active participation of a reseller.
But still, some operations, such as price reduction, activation, etc., sometimes have to be done manually (but once, not constantly). This is the best option, it requires spending much less time.

generally, it would be ideal to have your own panel, since the main registrars provide an API for creating it. But this is by no means an easy task, because the security level should be much higher than that of conventional content websites.
The most interesting thing is the list of resellers that give a price of $ 5 for a domain without prepayment...
But there is no such list - look for who you can be a reseller from, negotiate, communicate, invest in it, but no one will bring you this information or this price on a platter, including me, my market here, it's not very difficult to get into it, but it's good to succeed few people were able to earn money, I don't count myself among them).