I received a request for a domain price, what should I write?

Started by morganlong, Jul 06, 2022, 02:27 AM

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morganlongTopic starter

I have rarely got queries from whois.
One day They asked how much my domain costs.
What to write?

The topic was specially created in the section for beginners and without specifying the domain, in order to generalize the topic.
Surely, many people receive requests for domains that are not listed anywhere and the price is not indicated.


Write the method of transmission.
And sometimes you set a price, in response to your own, it seems you agree to it, meaning online re-registration, and the client wants for this money with guarantees (through the store).
And many jump off that they are not ready to pay my personal income tax.

In general, if you named the price and the client immediately agreed ... then it means that you cheapened the price.
And if you named your own, and the answer is less, then the client has his own ideas about the maximum per domain)))
But to  too high a price ... the client just silently falls off.


When transferring (selling) a domain, it is necessary to re-register it from your own name to the name of the buyer. In some cases, a power of attorney is even required. All of these costs must be factored into the total cost of the domain, which is assigned by you. In fact, if the domain is old and trusted, then you can get good money for it.
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There are a number of main factors determining the potential value of a domain.
Their use is optimal in situations where it is necessary to specify the price of a domain name when it is further sold through specialized catalogs. However, when buying them, you can also take them into account to understand whether the price tag for a particular site is too high. Let's consider the main factors and their features.

Length and memorability. When reading a domain , first of all, the eye is caught precisely at its length and conciseness of the name. It should be not just a set of numbers, but a thematic name, and preferably one that users remember the first time. The cost of such domain names is higher when compared with complex or long names.
Age and history. Usually older domains are priced more expensive, but if it suddenly turns out that the content and subject matter of web site has changed several times over the entire time of use, its price will become lower.
When taking this factor into account, it is especially necessary to pay attention to bans in search engines, because this has a huge impact on pricing.
Site traffic. If you are purchasing not just a domain that was in simple, but a whole working web site, it makes sense to pay attention to its attendance.
Ranking in search engines. I think there is no need to go into the details of this factor, since it is already clear that the higher the domain name rating, the more it costs.
Zoning. Each domain name is located in its own zone, for instance: .fr, .io, .de or .com. If the same names are already occupied in neighboring zones, the domain price increases, but at the same time attention is always paid first to .com or .de, and only then to the other zones.
If you want to sell a domain name that, in your opinion, costs nothing at all, set the minimum cost that suits you. When a buyer is found, but the price does not suit him, he will be able to bargain.

Another option is to set the average price. To do this, you will need to check the names of web sites that are similar in subject on the trading platform used, having determined the average cost.