Is it hard to create a domain?

Started by RazeL, Oct 06, 2022, 03:12 AM

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RazeLTopic starter

Hi everyone! I found some web sites, where you can create domain for free and I am wondering, is it scam or not. If it`s the scam, where I can create domain for the most satisfying price?


Hi. Creating a domain for free is not difficult.
1. Select a domain zone (.com, .info, .foto etc.). There are advantages, limitations and disadvantages.
2. Come up with a name. A short one that characterizes your site. It's bad if there are "_", "-", numbers.
3. Choose a registrar and check your name for uniqueness. Make small adjustments to your name, link it to your mail. If they offer to link the domain to something other than your name, then go to another registrar.
4. Upload site to hosting. All is ready.
If it's easy for you, then everything will work out. Good luck!

Samuel Flatcher jr

Usually domain names cost around $15 per year, but it is quite possible to find completely free domain names for free (without adding unnecessary suffixes). However, this does not mean that the site will cost you completely free - no one has cancelled the price for hosting and even more - often the price for hosting includes the price for a domain name, but they do not write about it.
As an example, the price of hosting at starts from $10 per month, where the domain name is completely free (although you can actually find hosting for $7-8 with the same settings).


Registered a domain in the .CO zone.
The normal price was $9.99 per year.
Three years later, the price suddenly became $29.99.

It was impossible to explain this to the customer, and he broke the contract for hosting and site support.
The most unpleasant thing is that a month after giving up the domain in GoDaddy,
the Colombian registrar withdrew his 29.99 on the machine, as they had bank card details.

GoDaddy explained that he had nothing to do with it. But we signed a contract with them, not with the Colombians.
Now we are waiting for next year: they will take it off again or not for a site that has been gone for a long time.
These are the not good things GoDaddy has.

Jack Call

Let's decide. You can not "create" a domain name, but "register" it with a domain name registrar. Perhaps you just want to create a domain name, I mean create your own unique zone - it costs money and reputation, but it seems to me that you still want to register.
Typically, registering a domain name costs about $15 per year (the price can be as high as $5 or $45). Yes, there are projects where the domain name is absolutely free, but there are some pitfalls, for example, a third-level domain or pop-up advertising. If we talk about complexity, then no - everything is easy and does not take even 5 minutes (but coming up with a name can take a lot of time).