Is it really possible to make money selling domains?

Started by Plan, Jul 12, 2022, 01:59 AM

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Interested in this question: How to make money selling domains. Can you make money by reselling domains?
How to find a domain that will bring you money?


As an option: buy a 4L domain (preferably in the COM zone). Customize the abbreviation for these four letters. Look for potential interested buyers and offer them.
Well, if you don't sell it right away, then you will have a wonderful domain, which may suit you yourself for some kind of project.

As soon as you understand which domains bring money - this question will become irrelevant and will sound like this - How can you be the first to intercept a domain that will bring you money?


You can make money selling and reselling domains. First of all, you need to decide on a domain zone, as well as find a beautiful domain name. Think about which niches are actively developing now and in which it is profitable to register domains. In addition, you need to track the so-called fat domains, which already have indicators and can be sold at a high price right away. If you're lucky, you can buy a domain for $10 and sell it for $100 or even $1000, but here you need to understand network technologies.


In order to make money selling domains, you need to be lucky enough to find inexpensive but beautiful or popular names. You need to be well versed in the market in order to know which name can become in demand - and have time to buy it before others. In general, it is hardly possible to get rich from the first purchase, except perhaps by chance.

Johnny007 it was more than 50%. And all these new sites need domain names that, with proper promotion and positioning, will buy from you.
Number of websites
Positioning and promotion
In my opinion, it makes no sense to start a business selling domains without thinking properly about positioning. Indeed, today there are thousands of sites where you can buy a domain.
Try to look at the sites in the TOP Google search results for the query "buy domain", and you will hardly notice the difference.
All resellers sell domain names for all types of businesses and at the best prices.
If you do not take into account the largest players like Enom, then hosting providers are mainly engaged in the sale of domains. For them, this is a secondary service, so sections with domains on websites are usually inconvenient.

It is difficult for newcomers to compete with existing companies. But you may have ideas on how to find customers while playing by the general rules. If there are no ideas, I suggest we do it more cunningly. I have three recommendations.

1. Make the brand thematic
Sell domains not only to everyone at once. Additionally, select one or more popular business areas and focus on them. For example, you can focus on the topic of travel and, together with the, .net domains, promote domain names in the zone .travel. Build an image of the company as an expert in domains, while understanding the topics of travel and tourism.
Make sure that customers immediately recognize themselves when they get to your site. This applies to tips, design, and any other content. When a travel agency thinks about creating a website, it will certainly turn to you for its name on the Internet.

2. Promotion
Do not spend money on advertising in Google and Yandex. Giants in this field flood advertising platforms with money, which is why the cost of a click sometimes exceeds the cost of services sold.
Build a promotion based on the chosen topic.
Pay special attention to SEO optimization.

In addition to the main page with the sale of domain names for everyone, make landing pages for your favorite target audience. Possible headings: Domains for travel agencies, Domains for travel blogs, Domains for travel agencies. The same applies to illustrations, articles — they should take into account the specifics of the tourism business. Blog and publish content for your audience.
Write content on Spark, VC, company secret, and other business-related resources. Editors post useful and interesting content for free.
Establish partnerships with companies working in the field of travel and tourism. Exchange audiences on social networks, arrange cross-promos, make guest posts.

3. Prices
Of course, it is necessary to conduct a price analysis of competitors. But there is no need to try to make prices the lowest on the market, otherwise the funds spent on the project will not pay off. Keep prices at an average or even high level. Place a bet on the service. Let the selection and ordering of domain names be as convenient as possible. Communicate with customers via chat or tickets. All this is available in BILLmanager as free tools.

Choosing a domain name registrar for resale
In fact, regardless of which domain registrar you choose, you will be able to change the partner in BILLmanager in the future. However, it is worth getting at least a general idea of who you will work with.