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Started by mishraviplav7877, Oct 17, 2022, 10:05 AM

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Want to know how you keep yourself up to date with your daily knowledge in the domaining? Do you read a blog, website, podcast, courses, etc?

Also, how will the domaining change when you find that your product matches the market and you get stable sales?
Do you have to adapt a lot after reaching a certain level, or does everything become too mechanical for you?


at the beginning of the year, Farhad Huseynov's course caught my eye (if I'm not mistaken, that's his name) about domaining, it was the starting point, so to speak, in this activity.
Although the pros wrote on the boards that there was no course, there was nothing to take there, etc. I haven't met anything else at all, I haven't asked anyone (and even my friends offline, who is engaged in Internet marketing), everyone shrugs their shoulders, like the topic is dead.

also, for me, it is always informative that customers ask for something, but they themselves "do not drag". We have to solve all issues with "higher authorities" for them. This is how you communicate with clients, various technical support, sellers-buyers, notaries and lawyers, and gain experience. And then you know how it all works in practice, not in theory.
In a couple of years you will know how domains are selected, how they are registered, how they are renewed, how they are transferred back and forth. You will encounter the fact that someone did not renew the domain name in time. Someone wants to buy a domain. There will be a legal practice. I'll probably have to talk to foreigners. And all this together is called "experience".


  It is not necessary to purchase all domain names in a row. It will not be possible to sell them all at once, and you will have to pay for registration annually. In case of refusal of the domain, you can incur losses.

  Do not buy names in little-known and rare zones. Give preference to more famous ones, such as "com", "org", "net" or "xyz". There is a high probability of selling it.

  Beginners should not purchase domain names related or similar to the brand and trademark. It is better to start earning with domaining, and not with cybersquatting.

  When choosing a domain name, you should listen to these rules:
      it is better to choose a short name;
      use a spectacular, original, popular, and, most importantly, memorable word;
      the more famous the domain zone, the higher the cost.