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Started by Kusikworld, Nov 16, 2022, 02:46 AM

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KusikworldTopic starter

I have had my personal site and hosting (if you need, I can see exactly its name). I payed once a year, and after that hosting should be payed again.From not very good terms – one day I haven/t pyed it and my site has gone  :'( 

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Can i recover my site in some way?

Bob Bigelou

I don't think you agree on anything. Any, even the lousiest hosting company, provides an opportunity to pay you an overdraft within 14 days (in some cases 30 days). The site just doesn't disappear. Either you have exceeded the overdraft period or there are pitfalls. Check with whois or similar services who own your domain name. If it is still free, then you can easily return the site.