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Started by kosmon, Jul 22, 2022, 01:12 AM

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kosmonTopic starter

Hi! I have already added my domains to many websites. I even created a domain portfolio on etfy .. But there are no messages yet) Questions still remain. I would be very grateful to those who tell me:

1. If price is set in the "make offer" option - am I obliged to sell for that price, if there is someone who wants it?
2. How long does it take for Bets received on "make offer" to disappear? How long are they stored?
3. Participation in any auctions on any sites - not free? In which cases does it make sense?
4. Do domain brokers from websites usually want exclusive rights to sell everywhere?

As a newbie in this business, I just have to figure it out. I will be very grateful for your answers.


If price is set for "make offer", then this is the minimum offer price, below which a bid cannot be made. And then again individually: somewhere you can make your offers, somewhere there is only the opportunity to either accept or refuse.

Sedo is the most famous, but not the main one, there are many of them and their rules are changing, so it is better to ask specific questions to those who use them right now. If they answer - well, if they don't answer - carefully study the rules of these websites.

Well, and most important: as it is not funny, but not all domains are for sale.


If you offered a certain amount for the domain name and the seller agreed to it, then this is the same as if in real life you and the seller struck a deal - as if they agreed and the deal was concluded at this price. It would be strange if after you and the seller have already agreed on the price, then start haggling again.
Correct behavior in business: agreed to the price - please fulfill this agreement. Incorrect behavior: at first you agreed to the price, then you changed your mind and traded again, or you refuse the deal altogether.