Privatization of the domain for an indefinite period? This is possible?

Started by Svetlana, Jul 26, 2022, 11:19 PM

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Privatization of the domain for an indefinite period? This is possible? Tell me, is it possible to buy and privatize a domain for an indefinite period with the right of inheritance and not think about renewing the registration?...


As far as I know this is not possible. The meaning of the existence of domain name registrars is to sell these same domains or renew, or sell through an auction if there are a lot of applicants. ::)


Dear Svetlana! Your words are probably the dream of all those who develop websites. And tears of hosting providers, because there will be nothing to sell. Is that ready-made sites. This is business, what you write is not profitable.


At the recent ICANN conference , the possibility of "eternal" domain registration was discussed, in which the client pays for registration only once, and the domain remains with him for life if he does not want to sell it.
This form of registration may be attractive to users because they will never have to worry about renewing a domain name.
As you know, even large companies sometimes forget to renew the registration of their domain names, resulting in unnecessary problems. In addition, you can not think about the possible increase in prices for registration and renewal of the domain name in the future. For registrars, this makes it possible to get a large one-time profit.

The founder of Epik, Rob Monster, told the conference that his company already offers perpetual domain registration. The cost of such a domain is 420 dollars.
However, in fact, this is not really an eternal registration, since this form of domain purchase has not yet been approved on the domain market. In order to be able to register a domain forever, it is necessary that domain name zone administrators such as VeriSign, as well as ICANN itself, set the amount of deductions from such domain names.
Rob Monster believes that ICANN should address this issue, as the new type of registration will enrich the domain business.

Now Epik, accepting payment for lifetime registration, simply registers a domain name for ten years (the maximum registration period that is allowed now).
After deductions in favor of ICANN and the domain zone administrator, Epik has $326 out of $420. The remaining funds will be spent on renewing the domain registration after the end of the ten-year period.