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Started by xGhost, Aug 17, 2022, 03:33 AM

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Please explain what a project domain and a sales domain mean. What is the difference between them?
For example, I registered 5gid_com, and it's not clear what kind of domain name it is? but 1gid-9gid are all busy, and I, too, let's quickly register until they are taken, did I do it right or not? That's the question))? Or maybe I registered in vain? That's how I'm constantly tormented by questions.


These are precisely conventions invented by domainers so as not to offend other domainers)

A project domain is a domain name that, in principle, according to the majority, is worth nothing, it is not of interest for outbids. In order not to say that the domain is not suitable, people say that the domain name is designed, that is, that something can come of it with the project (for example, at the start of the project).
To a certain extent, this is true, but this does not mean at all that this domain name cannot be sold, sometimes the idea of the same domain comes to the mind of the buyer, he is ready to pay for it.

The sale domain name, as you call it, is interesting not only for this mysterious end, but also for resellers, and indeed, for a wider range of people. It is theoretically more in demand.


I think it's a project domain name for developing a web site at it and making a profit from it.
Sales domain name, this is purely for its sale. Those. to profit from the difference between domain buying and selling.