Registering website on the Internet: "pitfalls"

Started by titris, Sep 01, 2022, 01:16 AM

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So I decided to create my own site (commercial). As a result, I have the following questions:

 How is the domain registration stage carried out? Which website to choose for this purpose? What are the "pitfalls" worth paying special attention to?

 How is the stage of concluding a contract for the provision of services of a hosting company carried out and in general which hosting company is better to choose. I live in small city  and I could not find hosting companies in that area. Again, I ask you to indicate the "pitfalls" of this stage.
And how to automate trading? Rather, it is necessary to automate the process of payment and, accordingly, sending the goods. What options exist?


One thing I can say for sure, When registering a domain name, CAREFULLY read the User Agreement and the contract.
For instance, the company where I'm now earning extra money made a site before me and regaled it through a registrar (I won't mention which one), since the website was made by a civilian and there are no contacts with him, but explain that you need to pay for the domain either every year or with a margin, he either forgot or didn't wanted to talk, then a year later the site appeared an inscription that "according to the agreement, this domain now belongs to the registrar company and under the terms that you signed, you can now redeem it for about $1K" although the domain is not promoted and its price is penniless in the market day it coincides with the name of the organization - that was the road.
So sometimes it turns out so ugly.


in order to be an order of magnitude more reliable, you need to look for a programmer and order (not for cheap) you can find a sea of \u200b\u200bscripts for free, but there are nuances, it's not a fact that they will be of poor quality or just bad, but firstly they will hardly completely repeat the capabilities you need (or something it will not be enough, or vice versa there will be a hybrid of a Boeing and a coffee maker) and plus, their code will most likely be hаcked long ago (if that is exactly the reliability that you asked about, the stability of the work can still be high, but the security will let you down).
And I don't advise you to save or buy ready-made cheap solutions (or expensive ones), because they are also broken for a long time, and if you have a self-written but well-written system, then it will take some time to crаck it and it will be sharply higher than the time to query Google for "vulnerabilities %script_name% "


At the start, you can do with free methods of promotion — to maintain a page in social networks or a blog, to make a newsletter.
At first, you will be able to do it yourself. Targeted advertising on social networks is also one of the fairly simple ways. To launch it, you need to create an ad, select a target audience and configure the display of advertisements.

You can pay for viewing your ad or clicking on it. Regardless of the type of products that you plan to sell, you will still have to resort to the services of suppliers.
But, purchases can be made in different ways: either immediately order a batch of goods for the first time, which requires investments, or work on pre-order. It is worth clarifying that there are buyers who are not ready to wait for delivery for a long time.