Shorter domain is always better

Started by EJASNathan, Oct 21, 2022, 12:38 AM

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So, it's time to repeat that words still have an important meaning and purpose. Even in very "long" designs.
Emoticons, abbreviations and abbreviated words certainly have their place. However, some things are better spelled out.
The neighborhood may be convenient; but it doesn't always matter. Greater diversity promotes "better understanding and communication."

If your domain names are properly explained and convey a clear message, they will work. Remember that the explanation of the appeal level has a specific meaning.
Good luck in your field endeavors.


short web addresses are easier to remember than long ones. Also, before registering domain name, you should check whether the combination of letters in the domain is well perceived by ear.
If yes, then you will not have any problems when you need to verbally inform someone of website address. The names of two or three words can be separated by hyphens.

Some short domains are remembered worse than long ones, especially if they have a lot of consonant letters.
Those who want to include the abbreviation of their company in the web address may face a similar problem. In some cases, it is worth sacrificing conciseness and making the domain longer, but well reflecting the type of activity of the organization. Abbreviations are best used in a web address if such abbreviations are well-known. The optimal length of a domain name is up to 8-14characters.


I agree, the shorter domain name, the better.
A short domain will be better perceived by users, as it is easy to remember and type in the browser. Therefore, it is better to choose a domain in which there will be no more than two simple words. At the same time, if you choose a very short domain name (for example, an abbreviation), it can be difficult to remember. The optimal length is 6-12 characters.

If the numbers are in the company name, you can use them in the domain. Due to them, the name will be shorter. But sometimes there are domains in which the letter is replaced by a digit similar to it: 0 instead of O, 6 instead of and, and so on.
On the one hand, it allows you to register a domain you like, if it is already occupied in the original spelling. But on the other hand, users will get confused and end up going the wrong way.


I completely agree with the previous comments, a short domain is more memorable for the user, the time spent on entering it into the search line is correspondingly less, which is also an advantage.