Simple VPS and cloud VPS?

Started by Ian, Aug 06, 2022, 04:54 AM

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Simple VPS and cloud VPS?

Good day! Can you help me please, mean, what is a otherness between simple VPS and cloud VPS? Advantages and disadvantages.Thanks.


I'll tell you from my experience. It is better to work with a private VPS system. This provides more stable and better performance. I advise you to do the same.


  Flexibility and scalability
VPS hosting has extensive customization options, a convenient "admin panel". The cloud web server has more administrative capabilities and an additional set of automated services.
Cloud hosting uses distributed resources of several hosts (a fault-tolerant server cluster), so the fault tolerance is much higher.
If you do not have enough resources of the leased virtual server, then to expand them, you need to change the tariff plan, or buy additional volumes (vCPU, RAM, etc.). With cloud hosting, everything is easier: you can scale the amount of resources to a smaller or larger side "on the fly", this can be done automatically depending on the load.

Security is an important advantage of cloud web  servers, because many more different security services are provided: virtual networks with NAT, vpn, various types of firewalls and virtual routers, antivirus complexes and backup systems.

Our cloud-based VDS/VPS servers, virtual server and machines are available almost 100% of the time, instantly and continuously provide data on requests (unless, of course, you have chosen a tariff suitable for the scope of your project).
But if, in theory, there are any interruptions in the power supply of the host or a breakdown of the hardware, downtime will be minimal, since fault-tolerant clusters are used, which provide the possibility of migrating virtual web  servers without stopping work to free working nodes of the cluster (physical servers).
The cloud has an advantage due to distributed data storage: if any of the servers have problems or overload, traffic will be redirected to another working resource. Cloud hosting is more stable, the failure of a particular component does not affect the work as a whole.

Prices for cloud hosting and VPS/VDS hosting are generally comparable, although VPS/VDS is often a little cheaper.
The difference is that when renting a virtual VPS web server, you pay for a service with a lower level of fault tolerance and maintenance. On the other hand, when using cloud hosting, you can only pay for the resources consumed.