Spend or invest?

Started by goppog4334, Jul 03, 2022, 01:22 PM

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Imagine, you have a budget of only $ 100 in your pocket! You have a choice: spend them or invest in domains. If you choose to invest in domains, where will you start?


It must be remembered that investing in domains is a passive and long-term investment. That is, it is unlikely that it will be possible to immediately multiply the same $ 100. As for the question of where to start, first of all, you need to decide on the choice of a domain zone. I advise you to register domains in the .com zone or open new zones that will become popular over time. The choice of a domain name is of great importance, so you need to immediately determine the most promising niche for work.


I advise you to spend this $100 on anything but domains. Of course, if you are not a fan of playing the lottery. Yes, sometimes a person is lucky and he "sees" the future trend, but with such an amount, the investment may never be realized. I think at least a couple of dozen "sharp" names can bring a harvest, but the amount is needed an order of magnitude more.


Analyze the similarity of the project with previous profitable operations.
Set yourself a deadline by which this domain must be sold. Anyone will buy this
domain. Analyze the demand for this domain.
Can I honestly buy this domain for myself?
Make a list of reasons why this domain name is worth it.
Analysis of the tax burden on resale
Will I regret the $100 I invested in the domain?

Only then can you decide if the investment is worth it.

P.S. Investing in a domain is about registering a domain in your name, promoting
it, and then reselling it for a net profit.
If this is not your main source of income, if this is a part-time job, then
quality is more important than quantity, which means it is worth buying a catchy
name and a well-thought-out domain, and not several domains for $ 100. A clear
advertising strategy.

David Gibbs

I hope that you were talking about $100 conditionally, because this amount is so ridiculous that I would recommend that you buy beer ;D  than think about starting a career as an entrepreneur.
About the place where I would buy domain names. To begin with, I would first study the market and find out which domain names are worth buying and which are not. If you already know what domain name you want, then the place of registration is practically irrelevant. Of course, do not forget that the registrar must have good reviews, be on the service provider market for at least 5 years and provide names in a different zone - from the banal .com and .org to government ones - .gov.

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 Quite a good question! I hope that you first studied "What is a domain and what they are"? So, I would advise you to invest, but not in domains! Now, the time of cryptocurrency. It is quite possible to become an entrepreneur, but the main thing is not to listen to anyone, even those people who are close to you, will you make a mistake? It's okay, get up and move forward. At the expense of buying domains, I agree with the above opinions, it is worth first making a point analysis that will answer your question)


If there are not enough funds, then you can start by providing services related to domains.
Perhaps this is one of the types of earnings on domain names without attachments. True, money is made not on the domains themselves, but on working with them. Here, a person does not make a purchase with an initial investment, but provides assistance to those wishing to register a domain name.
The most popular areas are assistance in the selection of domain names and mediation between the seller and the buyer (domain broker).


Kate Ivi

Today's domain investments are quite high-risk and are made by people who can hold them for a significant amount of time. The most valuable sales today are often domains held for 15, 20 or more years. So, considering investing 100-200 dollars in a domain today and reselling it tomorrow and hoping for potential profitability is deeply mistaken.


Unfortunately, the amount you indicated is extremely small for investing in domains. Therefore, you should either spend on something else, or accumulate a large amount. Of course, you can try it if you don't mind the money, because the risk in this case is extremely high.