Steps to listing on multiple platforms

Started by gnh73, Jun 20, 2022, 12:03 PM

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Maybe I'm just overthinking this, yeah...probably.

Example: Wanting to list my domain at Dan and at Afternic, with Dan hosting my landing page.

When I go in and add the TXT Record for Afternic, do I then need to wait until Afternic verifies the TXT record before I then switch the Nameservers to Dan?

Once I switch the Namservers to Dan at my registrar, doesn't that make the TXT Records inaccessible due to Afternic as Dan is now controlling my TXT Records in a sense?

See?!? Overthinking...thanks for any clarification on this!


I could do such at Epik registrar, point to Epik marketplace NS then add TXT record to Dan and it worked, the only thing you get Epik landing pages. For sure same can be done at SAV, NameCheap and Porkbun.
Edit: from what I heard Dan plans to become a registrar, maybe this will be possible with them soon.


You don't need no TXT record to add names to Afternic. Just add names and they will pop up on your portfolio after a short review. If a name already exists in their system, send them an email with a screenshot from the back end of your registrar where your name can be seen.

What you are saying would be the case for listing at Sedo. You first need to add TXT record to the existing registrar, but it has nothing to do whether you are with Dan, Epik, Dynadot or anybody else - this TXT record basically shows Sedo that you are the owner of the name. It has no other impact.


Sedo can also provide a search for alternative options. Several organizations have been in dire need of such services lately, in particular , who wished to purchase a similar domain name in the com zone. This company was losing a significant part of potential customers due to the fact that most users were used to hosting web sites in the .com domain.
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At the beginning of 2006, the Sedo auction turned to the international corporation ICANN, responsible for the distribution of the address space of the Network, with a proposal concerning the regulation of auction sales on the Internet of single-character domains in the com domain.
The stated goal of Sedo is to allow any citizen in the world who is interested in buying these particularly attractive domains to do so at a good professional market level, and in addition, to save time and technological resources of large corporations wishing to obtain a single-letter domain.

Sedo's proposal came in response to a discussion initiated by ICANN around single-character domain names, such as . These domains have a huge appeal for any potential owner and are especially valuable as an effective branding tool. Most experts give a very high rating to single-character names.

The price of one letter is 200 thousand dollars!

Sedo's proposal came amid criticism of ICANN for its proposed increase in the cost of registering domain names in public domains. Matt Bentley, stated: "ICANN, if it listens to international criticism, should act in the most democratic way. Sedo's offer allows it to perfect the required financial indicators by extracting profit from a little-used "asset" - attractive domain names - and distribute them professionally, openly, as well as use the reserves of these domains to contain the cost of ordinary domain names."

As a general rule, new domains are distributed according to the principle of "the first to apply". However, this is not a truly democratic principle, because it is clear that anyone who has special software and hardware complexes can very quickly "order" and get the "freshest" domain without leaving the computer.

Sedo offers to sell super-valuable single-character domains at auction, while the proceeds from their sales should go directly to the ICANN budget to compensate for the corporation's ever-growing expenses. It is estimated that the sale of only the remaining 23 single-character domain names in the com zone can give from 2 to 5 million US dollars.

Evaluation of the attractiveness of domains

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According to VeriSign, which is the administrator of the com and net domain names, today domain names are considered not only as a means of individualizing network resources, but also as a tool for optimizing the latter.
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