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Started by waton, Oct 04, 2022, 03:36 AM

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I need to change the registrar of the international domain zone , the domain was registered 2 weeks ago, the transfer rules say that you can transfer only 60 days after registration.
Now there is a need to transfer this domain to another registrar, sent an application for transfer and receipt of the transfer code, but most likely there will be a refusal or at what point they will stop the transfer of the new domain name.
Does anyone know how to transfer a new domain to another registrar?


Depends on the TLD. Specify the domain name.
And universally - only delete and register domain again.


Quote from: aaricevans on Oct 04, 2022, 03:45 AMdelete and register domain again

this is how it can be done, I wonder?

Firstly, I have never met such a function (well, maybe I am the only one), and secondly, when I threw one of the domains (some wanted to squeeze it out of court in a brazen way), GoDaddy said that before the end of the registration period and the period of privileged renewal to do without a court decision nothing is possible, but at the end of the terms, an ordinary person is unlikely to be able to register this domain on their own, because registrar robots are fighting for them for brokerage purposes.


According to the rules established by ICANN (the domain regulatory authority), it is not possible to transfer a domain within 60 days after:

Domain Registration
Changes to domain Contact information
Domain transfer from one domain registrar to another

For the domain owner, the entire domain transfer procedure consists of two stages. This is getting the transfer code from the current registrar and making an application for domain transfer from the future. After providing the code and paying for the transfer, the transfer of your domain will begin.
Some domain zones also require confirmation by email. A letter with a link is sent to the domain administrator's email address, which you need to follow and confirm the start of the transfer. On average, a transfer from one company to another takes 5 days.
The rules of domain transfer in a specific zone are determined by the top registrar and very often have their own nuances.