Typical mistakes made by newbies in domain registration

Started by Selmash, Jul 14, 2022, 03:18 AM

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Sooner or later, many people are faced with the question of registering their own domain on the Internet. Registering a domain requires a lot of preliminary work and comparing a lot of factors, because then you can't change anything. To change the domain - it's almost the same as creating a new site, because you will again have to do internal optimization, to work on promoting the resource and expanding the customer base. Tell me, who and what have faced?


I was lucky as I never had any problems registering domains. I registered the first domain according to the instructions I found on the Internet. Then everything was much easier. Once I had to transfer domains to another registrar, but here everything went without problems. Sites are up and running. Well, in general, you can always contact support and ask for help.


How do I switch from one domain to another?

Algorithm for switching domains without losing position
You can do this in 4 steps:

1. Add a new domain to Search Console and select it as your new domain.
2. Correctly configure the redirection from the old domain to the new one.
3. Make sure the correct verification methods are selected for old and new sites.
4. Submit a request to change the website address

Jacques Chapman

Here you are not quite right. You can transfer the domain, of course you will have to dig into the technical part, which guarantees the transfer of the BD, but this does not mean that you will lose the site.

If we talk about errors related to domain registration, then I would call error #1 an incorrect domain name.
Many newbies who start a site for the first time or simply register a domain name are faced with the fact that the domain they like is busy, and they get out like a snake. When you register a domain name, you have to keep in mind up to 20 domain names that you can modulate and change, but it still has to fit into the search key.

Mistake #2. Place of registration. Many beginners who are looking for where to start a domain simply type in the search engine: "Register a domain." This is fundamentally wrong. There are sites that are worth trusting, and which are not. You can read about it on the forum.

Mistake #3. Price. There are a lot of registration places and the price tag varies greatly among them. Many people make the mistake of overpaying for a domain name. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity - for a $20 domain name, they pay from $65 to $90.


Hyphen in the domain and short names.
Hyphens in domains are a controversial thing. Sometimes its use is justified, sometimes it spoils terribly. Take for example Back-Up.com and Manchester-United.com .

In the first case — Back-Up.com — hyphen reduces the value several times (in comparison with BackUp.com ). It still remains valuable, they were even interested in it a couple of times, but the fact is — BackUp.com it is better several times.
In the second case — Manchester-United.com — the hyphen only improves readability. Compare: "manchesterunited.com " and "manchester-united.com ". It was registered back in 2001, when the option without a hyphen was free. This is one of those cases when writing a long domain for most potential visitors (fans of the Manchester United club) does not cause any special problems, and the hyphen only improves readability. It even has a small type-in on it.