Where to register a domain name and what are the subtleties?

Started by Inetscope, Aug 07, 2022, 07:41 AM

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I want to register a domain name for my home computer (permanent IP). But when I started looking for where to register it, my eyes began to diverge ... a big number of different companies. I used to think that there were only a few registrars. And there are several questions:

1. Do I understand correctly that a domain costs about $10 a year?
2. For whom is it issued? For instance, if the company where I register it seems unreliable to me, can I transfer this domain name to another company?
3. Who exactly would you advise to register it? (I have not yet decided on the zone... either .com or .org)... please only answer this question to people... advertising offers of organizations will be deleted.
4. What are the "pitfalls"? What should I consider when registering my domain name? Of course, first of all, he cares that he would not be taken away later.


Point by point answers:

1. The cost of a domain may depend on the provider itself, which has permission to register on its servers, and most importantly, this provider also pays all taxes to a higher organization on time (I will not name it). Why ? because many years ago I already encountered one company that had more than 10 registered names, and then one fine morning I received a message from a superior company that took over all the domain names in its subordination
and, most importantly, made me pay for re-registration again for each year because the old company did not pay special. taxes according to the register and that's how it all turned out .. Of course, no one selects domains because no one needs them, but I had to pay everything again .. This is to the fact that look at cheap companies and registrations, you can then fly in .. Cheap always then costs double.

2. Issued in your name immediately. The address and data of the owner, the address and data of the Administrator, the address and data of the Technical Support are indicated. All this can be indicated by one address and one person... That is, one owner.

3. You need to register if in the some zones, then at the provider you can easily get through and talk if problems arise ... The convenience of communication is first of all .. And most importantly, that they have a good reputation ..

4. "Pitfalls?" I don't think it's worth worrying too much about what would be taken away later .. Believe me, this has never happened in practice ...
If of course:

1. Do not spread political misrepresentations or personal accusations on the website

2. If the website does not contain Nazi content or any terrorist appeals

3. If the website does not contain illegal direct links to download programs ... audio and video content. With such info, they can come straight home and simply pick it up .. Here in Spain they took one right from home ... He contained direct download links on his site .. And this is a huge fine of about 100,000 euros and imprisonment.

I almost forgot the most important thing!
since for a home computer, that is, a server .... then I recommend choosing a hosting provider that also allows you to create after registration (it's free) your own NS server in the registry - ns1.domain.com ns2.domain.com which then wakes up your domain name on your computer name..

Or you can also use forwarding in the DNS servers zone directly to your computer.
In this way, you will immediately destroy all the waste and expenses for hosting. Everything wakes up right away in your hands right at home.

IP - must be constant... and most likely two addresses because it will be needed for two Servers.