Where to register free domain names?

Started by DiHard, Jul 13, 2022, 03:19 AM

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Please tell me an adequate registrar, where I can register about 20 free domain names.
So that later I can transfer it to other owners without a headache. I will need to sell several small sites to different people, but they (sites) must be with a domain names. I will be grateful for advice.


When it comes to selling, why not register some .xyz for 99 cents?

You can find hosting with a free domain. Either some action, or a third-level domain. In this case, you can transfer the hosting account to the buyer, which will manage the domain.

Here's another list below:


You can register a domain for free on the sites listed below:
1) dot.tk
2) dot.ml
3) freenom.com


Quote from: goppog4334 on Jul 13, 2022, 05:07 PMYou can register a domain for free on the sites listed below:

Not so simple. Now, when trying to register, a technical error is issued.
Made five attempts.You cannot view this attachment.


You can register a domain name yourself for free on the websites dot.tk , dot.ml , freenom.com . But the problem is that such a domain will be located in the zones .tk, .ga, .gq, .ml and the like.
These are Gabon, Mali, Tokelau and other undeveloped countries. If you just want to upload your project and show it to a few people — well, that option is fine.

Otherwise, it's worth thinking about:
Search engines choose the web site's location in the search results not only by queries, site quality, and so on, but also by geolocation. As already mentioned, free domain zones are Africa, the search engine assumes that the site is aimed at residents of this continent or a specific country. Therefore, it will be very difficult to do SEO with such a domain name.
You depend on the registrar, and he can do anything with the domain name.
For instance, judging by the reviews, freenom sometimes selects domain names for no reason. You will not become the owner of the domain if it is free, the registrar can block it at any time, especially if the terms of use are not spelled out in the agreement. Most often, domain names with beautiful names and good traffic are blocked, after which the registrar offers to buy the blocked domain name at an inflated price.