Who is domainer?

Started by mdillinger, Oct 21, 2022, 09:53 AM

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Who is domainer?

Living by buying and selling domains
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Works at any time for buying and selling domains
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Doesn't mean anything
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Get profit from the domain names
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Sells one or more domain names
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Acquires a viable monetization domain(s)
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Not a profession
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mdillingerTopic starter

I have checked several reputable dictionaries for a short definition of the word "domain", but I will redirect to "domain", which has several definitions. So, what does "domainer" mean to you, since domainer is not a dictionary term, so its meaning is completely subjective?

I'm going to take a risk and say that my opinion has changed after reading your responses to recent surveys. In my opinion, a domainer is someone who creates domain names that bring a steady income. Everything else is a variant of the domain, requiring correction of the prefix or suffix.
A part-time domainer, a part-time domainer, a novice domainer. Whereas a domain manager is a full—fledged profession. I came to this conclusion after considering other similar terms and their meaning. Take a programmer. When you say that she is a programmer, it means that she earns a living, not as a hobby.
If he is an engineer or she is a developer, it usually means that this is their job. So if he or she is the domain owner, this is a job, not a hobby or a side job.

Then follows the second part, i.e. how to determine the monetization of a domain name? When selling domain names, there is a majority consensus. It couldn't be more accurate as you can earn a steady income through sales, parking, development, rental, mail delivery and more.
 This cannot be determined by the number of domain names, because a full-time domain owner proceeds from the logic that he can buy a domain name for ten thousand dollars and sell it for a million dollars, which they do professionally. According to the logic above, they will be permanent domain owners. If you buy a domain name for ten thousand and park it to earn a million dollars, you are not a real advertiser. The same goes for renting a domain name.
The counterargument in favor of creating domain names is that if you buy a domain name and embed it into a website, are you a domain developer or a developer? I'm stuck here. If you've done it multiple times to sell a grown domain name or profit from multiple grown domain names, I think it's appropriate, but if you do it once, I don't know? And I know that this strongly divides opinions, so I'm open to your measured answers.

 But again, this raises the question of scope: should the definition apply to a single domain name or should it cover multiple domain names, and if so, how many and for what period? I like being a "domain investor". Perhaps this is a more appropriate term, but does it not answer the question of what is a domainer?


A domainer is a person who buys a domain and keeps it for himself until someone buys it at an inflated price. An example from my life. I decided to open my web site, of course, I began to think about the name of my domain. It turned out to be a good name.
I came to web hosting, they say that this name is already occupied. I see that there is no such site and I write to the person to sell me the domain name. He replied that for 2 thousand dollars he would be happy to give me this name. And on the hosting, the name cost about $ 10 a year. So count the profit of this person.

Of course, many enterprising people who know how to wait and feel exactly what name will be in demand can become millionaires. And of course, he has a lot of domain names. This is such a type of investment.

There is also branded cybersquatting, which implies the seizure of domains that are as similar in sound as possible to well-known brands.
The brand can be the name of the company, the surname of a famous artist or athlete, and so on. Yes, sometimes such activities can lead to a violation of rights, but in fact it rarely comes to court proceedings. Moreover, the domainer is trying to sell the domain in time.
Often, such domains are bought by brand owners themselves, in order to eliminate the loss of customers in this way.


The problem is that the greed of domainers borders on idiocy.
Think at your leisure if there are many companies that are willing to give such money for your domain name. I'm just shocked that for 1-5k euros they sell such slag, which in its right mind and hand will not rise to register.

The domainers ' Charade I went even further and clamped down on 15k domains. As soon as you start choosing a domain for a small project, a God-awful foreign real estate agency pops up all around.
And the window of sale, if you are beggars with an amount of less than 1k euros, go to the forest.

At the same time, I can register any name for $10, which, in my opinion, is even more euphonious.
That's the answer to why they look at you like a fool.