Are there brokers who can help with buying a domain?

Started by musorhik, Jun 26, 2022, 09:45 AM

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musorhikTopic starter

We have a few domain names that we want, and they are not listed, and not in use.

Is there someone with experience that can help us acquire these domains? Willing to pay.

Not high value domains, probably in the range <$1k each


I operate a buyer only broker service. Don't do any outbound marketing; just buy requests.
As such we have acquired some unique skills and tools to locate near impossible to find owners.


Get the domain name of your dreams with the Domain Broker service
A domain broker is a service with which you can easily and without risks purchase an already registered domain name. Our experts will contact the current owner of the address, agree on a price, prepare documents and transfer the domain.

If it is not possible to contact or agree with the domain owner within 15 days, we will select a similar domain for free.

"Domain broker" service - we will agree on the purchase of a domain for you!
We will contact the current owner, negotiate and help close the deal.

After fulfilling all the necessary conditions, the Domain Broker will contact the domain administrator and negotiate the possibility of selling the domain name for the price specified by the buyer. If the price offered by the Seller does not suit the administrator or the administrator does not want to sell the domain, the buyer will be informed about this through the Support Center. The buyer will need to offer an alternative price for the domain in order to be able to further negotiate the transaction, choose another domain, or make a request to the Support Center about the need to select a domain name, according to the criteria specified by the buyer.