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Started by scottpolls, Sep 07, 2022, 03:11 AM

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Now I'm studying the question: How to sell a domain name to a serious office as profitably as possible?
But, you know, when contacting directly, they can give or pay a little.
Which does not suit us at all.
That's the question:

- - are there any brokerage agencies or private brokers working with serious offices. Through such a broker who appeals with large numbers and has a portfolio of expensive sales, it would be possible to sell the domain name for a "good" figure.
This is trusted and the deal may well turn out. You know what I mean?
Who to contact, is there somebody in mind?

Domain names are different. They are commonly used, but they coincide with the names of companies or their products.
And I need a broker who will professionally argue and persuade me to buy a domain name.


I will assume that you have a portfolio of domain name in English in the zone .com, If this is any other zone, no serious broker will contact it. There are two options here: You are either looking for a broker to actively sell your domain names, or to answer requests for them for you.
In order for the broker to actively sell the domain (not a bundle, but a specific domain for end users), its price should be $XX,xхx at least. And it should be a powerful keyword, preferably a one-worder. In a coma. A serious broker will not do anything less solid: he already has enough good inventory.
Of course, you can try to get into the newsletter to any broker, but there is a different audience, well, prices accordingly.
If it is easy to respond to requests, then there are different offices. That's the same DNS, at least. Enable the domain broker option, and forget about domains.


DNS has already been talked about somewhere. The topic is on this forum. The only thing I can add is that Uniregistry has opened Uniregistry Market, then DNS seems to be closed soon, and it will be possible to manage your domains for sale, and even now, in principle, it is already possible through your Uniregistry account.

Similarly, you can enable brokers in Premium services in your account. I just don't know if they will turn on automatically or if I need to send a request. Everything is automatic in my account because all DNS settings go to Uniregistry.
The advantages of Uniregistry Market, as far as I understand, is that it is possible to get there with simpler domain names. Something like a year ago. In DNS, the selection was tougher.  I've heard that it seems like you can pay for domains by any currency. But I didn't check it myself. I have only about 20 domains in Uniregistry.
But personally, DNS is somehow more to my liking. I think they're covering for nothing. If you haven't found an answer to your question, what exactly is of interest?


You can place a page on the domain that it is for sale, as well as add information about the sale of the domain to the domain description in the Whois service.

Next — to agree on the terms with the buyer and transfer the domain. In this case, both parties assume certain risks: there is a possibility that one of the parties will refuse to fulfill its obligations.
The seller will not transfer the domain after receiving the money, or the buyer, after receiving the domain, will refuse to pay.

Often the parties conclude a contract in writing, but the contract itself does not guarantee the successful transfer of the domain, but it will help in the case of proceedings in court if one of the parties does not fulfill the terms of the agreement.
The conclusion of a contract is also not always convenient: the buyer and seller may be located in different cities or even countries. Negotiations and forwarding of documents for signing by mail can take a long time.