Take away domain name from a cybersquatter

Started by selearnerlive, Nov 11, 2022, 10:03 AM

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selearnerliveTopic starter

I wanted to purchase a domain name, but it allegedly hosts a site that is clearly not the same subject as the name, redirects to completely different addresses when clicking on links.
Well, at the top there is a link to the fact that the domain name may be for sale. I think you guessed that this is just cybersquatting. So that's what to do? who had what experience?
Is it possible to take it away? For example, try to register a TM to this address or something else?
I think it's useless to contact the seller, since he will obviously break the fabulous price for it.


You can:
1. Buy from him for the price you bargain for.
2. If your TM was registered before the domain name, then it is possible through the court. But it depends on the laws of the country where the organization controlling the top-level domain in which the domain name is located.