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Started by ilhm, Jun 27, 2022, 12:42 PM

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Recently been investing into VR domains (hand reged) I have 50+ domains some аdult and alot of them have potential (in my opinion, could be wrong!) they are all keyword/abbreviations and none of them are the typical either 12+ letters or unreadable they are all very easy to read and pronounce and most of them are short.

I don't have enough experience to make a sale fast and I know that's not really the aim in domain investing! but I'm looking to offload a few to reup my portfolio.

If anyone here is a seasoned broker or investor looking for a good priced asset that is in this upcoming market 'VR' hit me up or reply on here, if there is a name which would benefit the both of us would be happy to negotiate prices :)

I see often people over valuing their names on here which don't even look that great so I don't want to fall in the same trap haha, if you know what your doing then perhaps this could be a good earner for the both of us

+ any advice would be amazing


The VR space is something that I have been involved in for years, owning for more than a decade and selling many other VR names. Frankly before you buy any more names I would urge you to read a lot on this forum to learn a lot.

It's better to use your resources to buy one really good name than a bunch of so-so names anyway. Chances are you'll make more money on your investment over time that way.
Regarding аdult names== Generally speaking you should know аdult domain names are hard to sell and take a very long time. Of course developing names is key to really making it on the web.


Domain registrars broker , it's a big word, just the registrar's staff for you send a request to the owner with a question about the price and it does not affect the price in any way.
There is another move, write in the request that you represent a client who is interested in this domain name, immediately determine the budget to which you are ready to bargain and try to buy at an acceptable price for you.