Can anyone sell these domains for me? -

Started by klara, Jun 22, 2022, 01:36 AM

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klaraTopic starter

After trying several times to list on various marketplaces for even prices less than $30 and spending some money on that paid ad from GoDaddy I'm out of options. I did think about reaching out to end-users but don't really have time for that.

So can you, expert domainers, sell the domains to customers or end-users on my behalf we can work on commissions so you only pay me when you have a sale?

I expect to offer 40% commissions to you (You take 40% of whatever deal you strike?) details can be discussed if interested.

Domains I have for sale:

High value ones: (high value in Chinese market)

Mostly it's in PorkBun and GoDaddy, some expire next year but no big deal as Auto-renew is on for all of em and will be renewed 2 months prior. Terms and other stuff can be discussed here or in DMs


Honestly there is nothing outstanding here, it would be very hard to extract value without a buyer at your door. Some solid 2-words like AuditRank and Coinsurances. Stick to those and park them as soon as possible. You can add a BIN price if you want to avoid low-ballers.


I agree with the previous speaker. Other than, the rest of the domains are worthless. And is no more than a couple of hundred bucks.