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Is there at least some demand for domain names in .aero zone or is it a completely dead zone (given the restrictions and the price of registration/renewal)?
Friends want to drop a good domain name in that zone. Here in thought. But, given the difficulties in registration and the price, I also tend to think that it is better not to contact .aero.
There you need not just "confirmed involvement", there you need to first get an ID in SITA, and in order to get it, you need to send an application there and confirmation. For AK or Airport - that is not a problem, but so that for resale..


About two years ago I was interested. And I looked at what was displayed on sedo. The best English words are within $500-2000. For many years. Although there were offers for some. I decided for myself that there was no point in taking something in that domain zone.

as you correctly said - "restrictions". If there is a confirmed involvement with airlines or scientific organizations of astronautics/ aeronautics, then it will be possible to register .aero. It is necessary to document it. I used to work in that field and that's why I had.


Who can register a .aero domain?
Categories of persons, organizations and companies that can register a domain .aero for your website:

✓ airlines and air transportation operators

✓ airports

✓ organizations of the aviation industry and civil aviation

✓ employees of the aviation industry

✓ aerospace organizations

✓ logistics companies related to air

✓ airport security services, sanitary units

✓ organizations that sell airline tickets

✓ companies that train specialists in this field

✓ magazines and other printed products related to the aviation industry

✓ government aviation organizations

✓ organizers of the airshow

✓ manufacturers of aircraft robots

✓ air sports

✓ Amateur aviation.

As you can see, there are areas where a domain can be useful.aero is very much. Therefore, if you are related to one of them, hurry up to get a name for the site in the zone .aero and it will definitely bring you success.