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Started by kaufenpreis, Sep 14, 2022, 09:42 AM

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Domain name sales are the foundation of the domain business.
Many are interested in how and where you can sell a domain name, for most, this is a very relevant question.
I suggest actively discussing the best and most effective sales channels.
The main task, having collected the maximum number of responses and received some open statistics, is to understand where the maximum number of buyers comes from.
This will generally help determine how best to sell domain names.
Which methods bring the greatest return, and simply put, the maximum number of transactions with the largest budgets?

We need marketing data that allows us to empirically determine what works and what is a pointless waste of time.
Let's start with a list of possible ways to sell domains.
I ask everyone to replenish, comparing all the pros and cons, (without flooding and demagoguery, clearly answer the question) expressing their opinion.

Ways to sell domain names:

$ Via whois services
* a sale announcement in the "descr" line
* by e-mail
* by phone

$ Via the site
* announcement of the sale of the domain name on the web site
* through the form for sending messages on the website

$ Creation, development
* portfolio with a list of your domains for sale or by category
* a satellite or a small website, a set of PR and sale, for instance, to SEOs or a buyer interested in CA and traffic
* launch and promotion of a serious resource with the prospect of sale

$ Parking
* announcement and form of sending messages

$ On Forums
* creating your own topics about the sale
* reading topics about buying a domain name and offering your options in the topic or in the BOS
* indication of your domains in the signature, link to the portfolio

$ Active Sales
* sending offers to potential buyers
* calling end user
* sampling contacts of owners of the same-root words or in other tlds and offering them
* advertising on forums, in the blogosphere and social networks. networks
* through your blog
* thematic mailing lists

$ Auctions, marketplaces
* Domain sites, Sedo, Afternoon, Nic, etc.
* periodic specialized auctions, GreatDomains, Targeted Traffic, Moniker Auctions, etc.
* general thematic auctions, e-Bay, Hammer, etc.
* bulletin boards, classifieds

$ Through intermediaries
* brokers
* other domainers
* directed sale, escrow
* by acquaintances, friends, online friends, colleagues
* rolling back

$ Exotic, offline
* advertising in the media, on fences, stickers
* at events, conferences, exhibitions
* personal communication offline, a visit and an appeal to a company possibly interested in buying a domain name
* business cards, booklets, etc.

$ Online Advertising
* banners
* context
* sponsorship
* paid posts

What other options are there? Offer, I will add to the list.
Who thinks what?!


I have that working for now:
$ Via the web site
* announcement of the sale of the domain name on the site

but I must say right away - all that is bullshit - water does not flow under a lying stone, except that it sometimes washes)

if you really want to sell and earn money from it, then it is optimal to use it:$ Active sales
* sending offers to potential buyers - tel/e-mail
* calling end users
* thematic mailing lists


sales to end users with personal contact
Basically, try to convey to the "Morons" what a domain is
In the case of a successful lecture and PR of a thematic domain name, success is almost guaranteed, while it is better to have a laptop or printed articles about large domain sales with you.
this will spur the buyer to the right decision .The domain zone is absolutely not important. Everything is for sale, at a price that suits you.
When VPARIVANIYE domain in GZ, simply argue. You open any registrar -reseller who is in the top for the "Domain" category, show the client that we have a lot of registered domain zones in our country, dispel doubts and sell. moreover, in comparison of prices.


Selling a domain name is usually quite a lengthy process. In order to speed it up:
Use all possible sales methods. Place your domain on popular auctions, exchanges, forums, look for a buyer yourself, use social networks. Also create a landing page on your website with information that the domain name is for sale.

Don't set the price too high. Do not overstate the cost of the domain. A huge number of domain names are sold on the market, comparing prices for similar addresses, the buyer will immediately realize that your cost is overstated.
Always stay in touch. Give feedback as quickly as possible, show your interest and willingness to conduct a transaction.
And, of course, in order to sell the domain name profitably, prepare for the sale negotiations so that you can convincingly argue the value of your domain name and its value.