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Title: Brokers requirements.
Post by: TDSko on Jun 22, 2022, 01:07 AM
Hey bought domains now about to expire and need a broker as every domain is so unique. I am not really asking but yes this is what people are doing. So you don't need a broker or in reality a broker doesn't need to work with a list without hope. You need to do some work and get it marketed or buy better names that bring you customers. These random lists aren't tempting brokers to drop what they are doing.

Why do you need a broker?
I need someone to get most for me i have an offer.
I have a domain it gets low offers but high cpc.
I have a short premium brand com.
I have exact match.
I have traffic eg backlinks.
I have a niche industry enough to influence.

Why you don't need a broker.
I have a domain and gets no visits
I have a list and appraisal bot at a 1000 dollars.
I have fine tuned my domains but still no offers.
I have good domains but haven't done much you dabble and drop.
I have a $xхx potential name Unless med to high $xхxx you aren't offering much.

What you do need is either buy names so good that buyers brokers all want in on the action or do the work of a domainer and go find the buyer. If you have a great name outside of your target niche. What else don't offer 10% try a lot more as it is either secured with a % of their share or at the you and brokers risk. Want a broker 10% of nothing is 1/10 of nothing = 0

What does a broker domainer do?
A broker domainer will negotiate highest possible return from your current offer closing the deal.
A broker domainer will start by analyzing where your traffic comes from what draws them in eg links, keyword existing work, domain authority, niche and a silent appraisal regardless of your information etc
A broker domainer will search your site in search engines and in various ways to analyze the actual niche and industry in depth of the domain as well as the target audience of the domain as well as the opposition.
A broker domainer will look at who is already paying money for search terms and target them as a potential buyer.
A broker domainer will list your domains under own site or create listing profiles on your behalf on market places and basically do all the required work of the domain owner.
A broker domainer may ask you to host your domain and or provide you with that at a cost. They may ask you to change dns.
A broker domainer may have domain names of your exact industry niche that you are in and having options for customers.
A broker domainer will ask for an offer rather than offering a price.
A domainer reseller can also do all of the above themselves and keep 100% ignore everyone and hold out as long as they like. Now you registered it and know what is best for it.

This thread is not here to mention brokers or spam domains you want a broker it will prove you cannot read it is to try and discover what resellers expect from brokers and what brokers expect from sellers all to make us think before posting as brokers will waste time looking here. There are so many names looking for a buyer like every name but a broker only works with names that buyers chase. As a domainer you should invest in yourself there is more work to it than paying the registration fee. Make your own job easier stick with the same niches but don't overwhelm buyers with options. Host your domains park them get an idea of traffic get things flowing. I am not looking to broker domains at all unless i see opportunity so this isn't an advertisement or i would use link. These are just lessons we all should consider some of us are flippers ,collectors hoarders and in it or long haul. Want to sell names put bins on them allowing margin for another.

Feel free to add your 2c worth but i have never heard of a domainer selling at $xхx for a few bucks on behalf of others or someone that can turn straw to gold. Plenty will ask for exclusive right to sell and do less than your parking. Feel free to talk about what you offer as a service as a broker or what you expect from a broker. I am just trying to give some rational approach to those that are wondering why they can't get assistance with reasonable names. The whole purpose of the marketplaces is just that take a smaller slice of the small pie. I am half right as there are brokers that do more than mentioned but don't need to be a broker to ask for active discussion to workout the guide lines. One day their will be a domain white label platform where we will be able to refer rather than broker each others names with a similar system with bin and floor pricing crypto all the way down to liquidation etc. I don't have all the answers but hope it gives insight happy to hear views it is a forum.
Title: Re: Brokers requirements.
Post by: Allen on Jun 22, 2022, 01:24 AM
Your posts help me daily ...thank you very much!
Title: Re: Brokers requirements.
Post by: alexfernandes on Sep 23, 2022, 12:38 PM
The domain name you were planning to register is busy, and free alternatives are not suitable for you?
The domain broker will help determine the adequate cost of the domain name you are interested in, contact its owner, negotiate the possibility of sale and assist in organizing a secure transaction at the price agreed with you, if it was not possible to agree, it will select alternative domain names for your tasks.