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Started by JustinC, Sep 26, 2022, 09:17 AM

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Choosing a domain may not come first when starting your business, but when it comes time to choose, it can become a problem. A lot of good things can come with the right domain name, and if you don't do it right, a lot can go wrong.
So, it is important that you make the right decision. In this topic, we will discuss the psychology of choosing good, bad and ugly, as well as how to avoid it, to help you make an informed decision.

Branding has been around since the beginning of the business. Branding, a powerful marketing concept, controls how your target audience perceives your business. Your brand is your business identity. A positive perception of your business that may be relevant to your audience can be crucial.

Branding is the key to choosing a successful domain. Because of the value, your domain  is in your brand, because it's usually the first thing your target audience enters when visiting your site.
And most importantly, your domain will be part of your company's email address.
Consistency is the key to effective branding. What we have learned from successful brands is that most of them are trademarks.


Choosing a domain name for fast business promotion.

A domain can give a powerful impetus to start a business if its choice is made taking into account certain criteria.
First of all, it is visual perception. The site name should be short and clear. Name users will be able to remember much faster than .

It is good if the name of the site will be easily perceived by ear. For example, it is quickly remembered.
It will be difficult for a person to make a mistake by entering the site name in a search engine. The probability of getting to another resource is minimized.

Choosing a domain should be done by following one of the following strategies.

By brand name. This domain name should be chosen if the site is dedicated to a particular company. This is a long-term job, because at the initial stage the brand is not always recognizable, but it can be easily remembered by users.
By the name of the field of activity. Such domains are great for stores that work in a certain direction, or thematic sites. So, for a website dedicated to the service of creating custom furniture, the name furniture-order is best suited.
By name. Such names should be considered by people creating a personal brand, or those who run their blog.

Domain History.

For fast business promotion, it is recommended to give preference to domain names with a history. If the website name was created a long time ago, search robots will treat it with great confidence.
This will make it possible to quickly bring the resource to the top, provided that the structure and semantic core are correctly compiled. The domain name history is reset only if it does not have an owner for a long time.

It is recommended to consider domain names that have been extended for a long time and belonged to the same owner. Such names will cost more, but their quality will be much higher. They will speed up the promotion process several times.
Before creating a site, it is recommended to select several domains and carefully analyze them. This will allow you to set the right direction for the business at the initial stage.

Tell us how you choose a domain name and what do you pay attention to when choosing?