Commissions in domain trading

Started by anya_catherine, Jul 28, 2022, 12:11 AM

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anya_catherineTopic starter

In comparing different services for domain exchange: what is the standard commission in the field? Where to find the minimum one? I'll be glad to now one's personal experience  :)
Tanks in advance


I've been doing this since high school, 6 years ago. Then the commission for the sale of domains was 10-20%.
I still have more than 400 domain names left. I renew them every year, as alerts about the desire to buy come now. It used to be easier, I really regret that I didn't have the mind to do it 5 years earlier.
Now it's like passive income, but judging by the information from the forums, there are new ways to make money on it. Maybe I will come back.