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Started by ezhabchik, Jun 28, 2022, 10:02 AM

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IF you have a domain and you want marketing using extraordinary means please let me know,i take percentage, results are guaranteed.


I want to sale those domains as fast as possible. please PM me.
Domain Age- 5 years 11 months old

Domain Age-

Domain Age- 5 years 06 months old

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A domain is one of the most versatile marketing tools. Depending on your goal and the marketing campaign you are launching, you can adapt your approach.

For instance, a domain can be used to simply point to a page on your web site. Or, if you have a marketing budget, you can create a landing page for a specific campaign or even develop a brand new microsite.

Several ways to use domains to improve your marketing strategy are listed below.

Creating targeted campaigns
A good way to get the most out of your marketing campaigns is to give them an identity and uniqueness online. For instance, you can use a unique domain for a specific landing page — it can be a special event, a prize draw, registration at an exhibition, a loyalty program, or even a video advertisement.

Suppose you are launching a campaign for your skin care product, then you may have a domain , for instance www.[product name].online — this will be a landing page where users can learn more about the product and register to get a free sample.

This approach brings many advantages and allows:
Target the target audience.
Attract more attention.
Test creative ideas.
Try different types of messages and evaluate which ones work well.
Track specific campaign results.
Emphasizing individuality for specific products
If a business has its own specific unique product that they promote a little more than others, giving this product even more personality can help promote it better.

The e—commerce giant, Amazon, has done this with its own Kindle product, a series of e-book readers. Domain redirects to the Kindle product page on Amazon's main site.

3. Creating branded short links
While browsing social networks, you may have come across links such as — abbreviated links via aggregators.

Most new entrepreneurs falsely assume that sharing branded links on social networks is an expensive business.

Whereas branded links help to significantly increase your brand awareness. Let's take this as an example:
If you just looked at these links, which one would seem more meaningful to you?

A branded link, for instance, increases trust and CTR up to 37%.

Getting thematic backlinks
Good quality of backlinks is one of the key components of a high ranking in search. And the anchor (specific words/symbols to which the hyperlink is set) text makes these backlinks even more powerful.
When the words in the URL match the words of the anchor text, it adds credibility to this link and gives the search engine an indication that the content and the link are relevant to each other, which ultimately helps in SEO.