Domain broker 3 % commission for hire

Started by troll22, Jun 27, 2022, 04:48 AM

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troll22Topic starter

Hello valuable sellers on DNray

I provide brokerage domain service to help you sell any domain . I prefer for aged domain and focus on TLD or any gTLDs in all industry /niche. If you are interested , you could see some my criteria below :

1. Age of domain : Minimum 5 years and prefer for over 19 years

2. Type of Extension : TLD, gTLD, nGTld and ccTLD

3. Domain Length : Maximum 12 Character

4. No hyphen or dash (-) domain name

5. Prefer for short and memorable domain in .COM

Ask : How Much I Charge Comission ?

Answer : Minimum 1% and Max 3 % on net successfull sales

No sales no commission and no fee

Interested ? You could DM me

Be sure you include price and age on every domain . I would evaluate and respond your message in several days


Hello There,

I would like to purchase the and the site will be used on a project to help the nurses in light of the current scenario. However we are a small company and our budget is very low. Could you please confirm your fee and if you would be interested to work with us.

Thank you in advance.


I have a domain name that caters to the business initiative started by FACEBOOK namely, NET NEUTRALITY.

I am looking at selling my domains to anyone who can offer me the best price ASAP.

The name of the domain is : NEUTRALWEB.COM ( I have all the 3 extensions .com .net .org )

My domains are aged 19 Years 7 Month 26 Days

I am looking for at least USD 10K after commission PER EXT.

Let me know if you can do this ?


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