End users are getting smaller

Started by jina, Sep 08, 2022, 03:06 AM

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There are no normal end users. Not left. Some suckers.
What kind of business are they going to stir up if even $ 1000 is not planned for domain name?! They buy a two-word book with a hyphen in the shit zone for a reg.fee, when it is free without a hyphen! Then they invest tens of thousands of dollars in business, and without a hyphen they are free. Where the world is going. The cry of the soul..


Conversely. People have become better versed in technology (i.e. they understand at least at a basic level what a site, domain name, etc. is).
It is easier for them to take a free two-storey building (or an analog in another zone) and invest money in site promotion than to pay somebody for something unclear.
But there are exceptions.
1. If the domain name is an obvious keyword related to the business. These have either been regained for a long time, or are being intercepted/sold at a high price now.
2. If the domain matches the company name and the alternatives are not equivalent for various reasons. These are more common among cybersquatters, but sometimes ordinary domainers are lucky.
3. A domain with a good history. Such from interception also cost money.

Everything else is either a calculation for a crazy sale once in a hundred years (which is not a business), or penny sales.
I think that many of those domain names that could have been registered or bought 8 years ago for a penny are now very good.
I remember dropping a three-letter .de from good letters myself, because it was expensive to extend $10 (or how many there were ..)