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Started by musorhik, Jun 26, 2022, 09:31 AM

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musorhikTopic starter

I'm working for a domain company, everyday I am negotiating to get great domain deal for my company. For past year, I have contacted and negotiated with many buyers and sellers from east to west countries which mean my network is wide. I have high networth client contact who looking for premium domain.

The reason, I'm offering this service is because I want to maximize my earning potential and make full use of my time since everyday I am talking to many potential domain buyers and sellers.

PM me if you are interested to collaborate with me, please note I only do premium domains that are worth at least 5 figures. For high 4 figures domain will consider, depend on the domains, you can send in your domain with price. Will reply you if I decide to collaborate with you.

*** I am specialize in selling numerical domain. I can do evaluation for your number domain, which I know the market very well.

*** If you are broker, you can PM me for collaboration. My company have list of NNN and NNNN.


Can you get any big clients for below domains :


Domain Brokerage Service: This is the process of acquiring and transferring a domain name registered to another person by contacting on your behalf. We provide a service for the acquisition of registered domains that you want to buy for your company or individual projects. Our experienced domain brokerage staff will contact the current domain name owner and initiate negotiations on your behalf within the budget you set. The entire process of purchasing a domain is done carefully and confidentially. Our domain brokers are highly qualified domain experts who will get you the domain address you need at the lowest price.

The Domain Brokerage Service has many benefits;
If you are not familiar with the secondary market and domain name valuation
If you want to buy a domain registered to another person,
If you need a reliable site to pay for the domain price
Domain Brokerage Service is perfect for you and make your job easier.

After determining the budget range for buying a domain name, we check the whois data of the domain name. Our specialist contacts the domain owner by phone and mail. If the required registrant information in the whois data is confidential or invalid, we attempt to contact the registrant via public data.