Great Domain Broker wanted for domain hаcks . 20% commission

Started by bandwo, Jun 22, 2022, 12:59 AM

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bandwoTopic starter

I need a broker who is good as selling. domain hаcks. 20% commission as I think thats fair as you will be doing the work. Contact me if you are good at this and interested in selling the following domain hаcks. I am looking for offers in xx,xхx region. (x,xхx acceptable)


With respect, I think you'll have quite a difficult time trying to sell these. is a decent name, but the rest are pretty bad. Good luck,


I prefer but in reality gy being a cc South America it isn't going to be seen as a gtld but as a typo. I would happily broker (legend) but none of these.


If you are still only dreaming of creating your own site, you need to study a lot of important information. For instance, it is necessary to know who a domain name broker is at the very first stages. We are talking about an individual specialist or an entire company that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller of a domain .
The intermediary undertakes negotiations and auctions with sellers, tries to get the optimal value of the name, and provides legal support when reissuing the purchase. Thus, with the help of a domain broker, you can get a great name for your website, and at the same time save yourself from unnecessary hassle and waste of time. Naturally, the intermediary will need to pay.

For many, the work of a domain name broker seems easy and profitable. If you yourself are interested in it, you should also think about the key points of such work on the Internet. It's worth starting with the fact that your work schedule will depend only on you. The more effort you put in and the more time you spend, the more you will earn.
And this can be attributed to the undoubted advantages. A franchise for running such a business is not needed today. You will be able to work right at home, or even at your usual workplace, if the conditions allow you to be regularly online.

Your task?  Find those who want to buy a domain and bring them together with those who want to sell this product. You are an intermediary who earns commissions. According to statistics, almost one hundred percent of foreign words are already in domain names. You will not be able to come up with something new and short, memorable and effective.
You can not even try to spend your free time on such attempts. Just keep an eye on which domain names are already being released and put up for sale. How to do it? There are many specialized websites on the global web that sell such "products". You can buy back several names and try to sell them to customers. But it would be wisest to find a buyer to begin with, and not to purchase the domain name yourself.