How to sell domain to end user

Started by dark404, Oct 14, 2022, 10:11 AM

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I have a domain name that I registered and noticed that the company bought domains .club and .online after I bought the original one.
I'm going to contact the company directly to sell my domain name. What is the best approach to direct sales and what service do you recommend to provide (both seller and buyer are protected)?
I am new to this field and look forward for your advises.


if the domain is registered with the Sedo partner registrar, then in this case Sedo is sure that in case of sale, the registrar partner will transfer the domain even if its former owner refuses to do so. So, for domain names registered with Sedo partners, additional advertising is organized on the websites of all other Sedo registrar partners. If in the future you will buy domains with an eye to selling on Sedo, then it makes sense to take it from one of the partners-registrars of the Sedo auction.
Although, from a formal point of view, Sedo has not been an auction for a long time. Domain names are only displayed on it and they can be sold for months and years. But only domains that have received at least one request to buy are allowed before the auction. In this case, Sedo puts this domain up for auction, setting the starting price to the size of the price offered by the first buyer.
Sometimes during the auction, the price rises and the winner gets the domain. Sometimes there are no others willing and the one who wanted to buy the domain gets it at the price for which he wanted to buy it.

If you are not in the topic at all, then most likely you will not be able to sell your domains. Of the ten occupied domains, 7 are free and waiting for their buyer. There are few buyers, a lot of domain sellers.
Only domain registrars and auctions that help sell domains earn money. Without buying additional services for the sale of a domain at auction, there is practically no chance to attach your domain for free. But buying a service from the auction to promote the domain being sold does not guarantee its sale.


sell the domain with the help of a guarantor. The guarantor is a simple person acting as an intermediary in a transaction. He controls the transaction processing process and ensures that each of the parties gets what they want.

The whole process goes something like this:
the seller and the buyer find a guarantor with whom they both agree to work;
the seller transfers the domain name data to the guarantor, and the buyer transfers the funds to him in the agreed amount;
the guarantor transfers the domain data to the buyer, and transfers money to the seller.
The guarantor charges a certain percentage for the services. Who will pay for his work and how much is negotiated in advance.

Absolutely anyone can act as a guarantor. They usually agree to be present at any transactions, not only when selling domain names. So there is no specialization here.
The main thing is to find a reliable person with a proven reputation and positive feedback. Otherwise, it may happen that the guarantor will take both the domain and the money. It also happens.